Found similar to the Earth planet

Same EarthNASA scientists have discovered in the constellation Cygnus the two planets that resemble Earth, the discovery made with the orbiting telescope “Kepler”, the planets similar to Earth in size and, according to experts, is covered by water.

In fact, the planets are located at the junction of the constellations Cygnus and Lyra, so-called world’s oceans, according to a paper published in the journal Science.

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The three planets are similar to Earth

similar EarthTwin Earth hid in the backyard, it may be only 13 light years from the solar system. This is the conclusion of scientists, you overestimate the size and temperature of a red dwarf, possible stars-hosts of planets.

Astronomers have chosen out of 158 thousand stars, Kepler Space Observatory, studied all red dwarfs, and then conducted a more precise estimate of their size and temperature. In most cases, the stars were colder and less than previously thought. Of the 95 tested red dwarf planets are 60% less of Neptune, and the three planets are similar to Earth.
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17 billion planets similar to earth!

GalaxyThe vast expanses of our galaxy located 17 billion planets that are comparable in size to the globe Earth and the Earth with almost a similar location in the star system. This was officially stated in the reports of scholars, astrophysicists from the American Center for Astrophysics at Harvard Smith.

“Our conclusions about the existence of 17 billion Earth-like planets are the results of analyzes of the data that came with a high-sensitivity NASA satellite, called” Kepler “- said today the British radio station correspondents” Bi-bi-si “, quoting astrophysicists Francois Fresina, that leads a group of scientists involved in this research.
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Sharks in many ways similar to the human

Sharks brainShark brain has many similarities with the human. The authorities hope to use this information in the fight against predators. Over the past year off the coast of Australia, the cases of white sharks attack on surfers and swimmers.

During the ten months of this year on the west coast of Australia recorded five deaths. The government has announced drastic measures against sharks. Money, in particular, stand out for scientific research, which aims – to find effective ways to ward off predators from the shore.
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