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Alien Sex

AlienA seed of the eruption, there is the creation of an embryo, an accelerated process – two individuals themselves create an embryo and make it mutual. Thought forms provide an extra sense of class-body merges with yours stick together with your partner, and goes beyond pleasure, when it becomes one body with the liberation of the head to identify the partner. You might think that this is ugly, but it would be a mistake.

This is not ugliness, it’s a different kind of sex and the earth is much cooler experience.
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Satanic sex

SexMany disputes raised around the Satanic views on “free love”. It is often assumed that sexual activity – the most important factor in the Satanic religion, and that the predisposition to participate in sex-orgies is a prerequisite for T mu, to become a Satanist. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth! In reality, opponents of our religion, have no interest in it deeper than sexual aspects are very strongly discouraged.

Satanism promotes sexual freedom, but only in the true sense of those words. Free love, in the Satanic sense, freedom can mean exactly that – whether to be loyal to one person or to give vent to his sexual passions of human beings with so much of your intelligence requirements to meet your individual needs.
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