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Seven mysterious artifacts Hermitage

Seven wonders1. Clock Peacock

In 1777, Prince Grigory Potemkin decided to once again surprise the Empress Catherine. He chose to work English mechanic James Cox. Why it is unknown. Maybe Russian Count saw amazing things in promotional catalogs, which published the master. To send a gift to Russia, it had to be dismantled.

Disassemble something apart, but were unable to collect – some details turned either broken, or lost. And would pylilsya spectacular gift, if in 1791 Potemkin not instructed to revive the birds’ Ivan Kulibin. And the master of the highest class has done the impossible: clock went and intricate mechanism was moved. Once the clock starts ringing, alive owl in a cage.
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Seven good reasons for which the other planets can be life

planetsA very believable and compelling reason to believe that in time we will find that life can be, even in our own planetary system. Here are seven reasons why scientists believe that life certainly exists somewhere and just waiting for meeting with us. Maybe it will not be green-skinned ladies in flying saucers, but it will still be aliens.
1. Extremophiles on Earth
A key question is, can exist and develop life in worlds radically different from Earth. It seems the answer is yes, if we think of the fact that even on this planet, there are extremophiles, or organisms that can survive in the extreme conditions of heat, cold, exposure to toxic (to us), chemicals, and even in a vacuum. Read the rest of this entry »

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Seven biggest mysteries of Mars

 MarsFire Star now many thousands of years to break the head causes the scientists of all time on deciphering all of its secrets.

And probably their excessive curiosity quench not work for a long time, maybe never. For the study of the Red Planet has been involved a certain number of the most technologically advanced spacecraft, but a clear answer to most of the major issues and no.

Let’s look at seven of the biggest mysteries of Mars, which was not fortunate enough to solve.
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