Reveals the secrets of smersh

smershRecreate the picture of those years the author of this testimony helped the former chief of smersh infantry division, retired colonel afonina.

In his time doing work alexey chief of the special department of the stalingrad front, kurskcaptivated german resident, acted in berlin,participated in the capture and abwehr intelligence center, was awarded by the chief of smersh abakumov. Continue reading “Reveals the secrets of smersh”

Secrets of the human body and mind

Human body and soulWhere a person goose, striped me and how IQ has stomach? Do we have free will? Offer seven things you probably did not know about himself.

1. You clever belly
This may sound ridiculous, but our stomach more neurons than in some animals in the brain. Scientists sometimes even call it a second brain, more precisely, the third – after spinal. He really is able to think, just more primitive categories than its parent counterpart. All his thoughts are devoted to food, as it digest properly select vitamins and nutrients. Continue reading “Secrets of the human body and mind”

Secrets of the Russian alphabet

 alphabetThat is encoded in the Epistle to the Slavs? How much cost the Russian State the letter b? Who actually suggested the use of the letter “e”? Open secrets of the Russian alphabet.

1. Message to the Slavs
Customary set of letters of the Russian alphabet is actually none other than the message to the Slavs. Each of the Cyrillic letters has a name, and if you read these names in alphabetical order, would be: Az Buki Veda. The verb natural goodness. Exceedingly Live, land, and others like kako people think in nash on chambers. Continue reading “Secrets of the Russian alphabet”

Lunar anomalies- secrets of the moon

Lunar anomalies moonSome pictures taken by different satellites seen very strange things on the lunar surface. It seems that the moon has artificial constructs, the size of which varies from very tiny, naturally having a parallelepiped shape to obelisks not less than 1.5 km in height.

Lovers of the paranormal even set up objects of these big castle, hanging high above the lunar surface. Continue reading “Lunar anomalies- secrets of the moon”

Moon quake- secrets of the moon

moonquakeDespite the fact that, in fact, the moon – it’s just a dead piece of rock with very low geological activity and crustal movement happen there. They are called moon quakes by analogy with earthquakes.

There are four kinds of moon quakes: The first three – deep moon quakes, vibrations from meteorite impacts and thermal moon quakes caused by solar activity – relatively safe. But moon quakes fourth species can be quite unpleasant. Continue reading “Moon quake- secrets of the moon”

Five historical secrets of beer

Its origin in the Neolithic or its role in the War of Independence of the United States are some of the most prominent curiosities of the history of this drink Beer is one of the drinks more present in our culture. Take a third or a reed is common if we go to tapas with friends or our families. But if we dive a bit in its history, we find that is a beverage of many centuries unknown curiosities as we show Dam cu blog authors. Continue reading “Five historical secrets of beer”

Secrets from a former McDonald’s employee

Sandwich1. Sandwich on bin iron box, which stands behind the tellers, terribly hot stored 20 minutes, but the longer it is stored the less tasty. He often stored for long periods allotted time, because we are blamed for the decommissioned products and instructors quietly changed the timer. So in order not to run into the nekondishn order spetsgril that is, no onions, no lettuce, no cucumber, tomato, etc. The worst of it will not, and you will get a guaranteed svezhak.

2. If you manage to order fries, then take the middle portion, as it breaks as well as a large, the difference. A trifle, but nice, this is called a potato visually completebox Continue reading “Secrets from a former McDonald’s employee”

Kodachok secrets of the island in the river

the islandThe pyramid disappeared and the sanctuary of the god Ra  According to legend, Ivan Sirko Kodachke to greet the dawn, in the Scythian kings of conceiving children. Kodachok Island in the river,which is associated with the names of the Grand Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich and brave Cossack Ivan Sirko, literally teeming with legends and myths. Etymology of the word Kodachok this: root code in Sanskrit means  tape  and ending  ak means the action . That is the word  Kodak  means one who creates the tape . Continue reading “Kodachok secrets of the island in the river”

The buried secrets of the Sumerians

The Sumerians listed as the first great civilization in history was born 6000 years ago in Mesopotamia, between the  Tigrisand Euphrates. They were the first to develop writing at least we’ve found so far observed the heavens carefully and interpreted the constellations we know today, built temples comparable to the Egyptians in a land where metals were scarce or not the stones, but was rather a rough terrain. Continue reading “The buried secrets of the Sumerians”

Mayan hieroglyphs disclose the secrets of the ancient Battle of Kings

MayaA stone stele with an explanation of the ancient battle for power found in the jungles of Guatemala, in the tunnel connecting the tomb of an ancient Mayan temple of Queen. Archaeologists were able to read the description of the battles those 1500 years.

Stella is about 2 meters high and 1 meter wide, and the whole painted with Mayan hieroglyphics and enclosed with drawings carved in stone. The text on the monument tells of the exploits of ancient heroes which lasted for seven years war between two dynasties for power in the ancient Mayan kingdom. Continue reading “Mayan hieroglyphs disclose the secrets of the ancient Battle of Kings”