Bulgaria holds the secret of the goddess Bastet

BastetAn old map found in 1981 indicated that in the Bulgarian mountain Strandja-Sakar was the tomb of the goddess Bastet, Egyptian deity who finished burying in Bulgarian lands. How did his tomb to Bulgaria?

And what secret service found that studied the grave for six years?

For two years, they began to leave information about the mysterious tomb of the goddess Bastet, born in the land of the Thracians, but worshipped by the Egyptians. We do not know when he was born, but the Egyptians began to worship 2900 BC

Their mission was to protect the home and symbolized the joy of life, it is considered the deity of harmony and happiness. But this tomb was found years ago: in 1981. Continue reading “Bulgaria holds the secret of the goddess Bastet”

Goals and means of secret CIA operations

CIA operationsArsenal of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), United States, formed since its inception in 1947, is extensive. But whether they applied in practice?

Plans to eliminate Fidel Castro

In the spring of 1960 a CIA officer Tracy Barnes dined with Ian Fleming, a former double agent and the author of novels about scout James Bond. The subject of their conversation was leisurely exercise equipment kills. At that time, Tracy had a special assignment from the CIA director Allen Dulles: develop a plan for the elimination of Fidel Castro’s communist dictator of Cuba. Continue reading “Goals and means of secret CIA operations”

Secret emerald tablets found in the polar Igarka

IgarkaIn polar Igarka found many fragments of chalcedony with strange or suspicious flat surface grinding, akin to the current laser , although this material with gravel extracted from the local quarry , with levels dating back at least 50-150 thousand let.Sredi these pieces of quartet obvious artifacts are at least two.

One of the fragments contains 4 characters , enclosed in a triangle they are mutually consistent and linked inner sense , a second smaller and hurt more – the risks of triangles and internal images are read in part. Continue reading “Secret emerald tablets found in the polar Igarka”

The sinister secret bloody chuchelnika

BloodySouth America there is an ancient custom of cutting off the heads of the enemies and keep them in a special way . After special treatment , they are transformed into tsantsa – very small human heads , employees Indians amulets. With tsantsa connected many sinister stories. In 1976, a German lawyer Michael Roger , being in transit in Hamburg , went to the gift shop . There were sold small, the size of a fist , the human head . It was mostly the head blacks, but one was white-skinned . Roger looked closely at her more closely, and froze in horror-  Continue reading “The sinister secret bloody chuchelnika”

Secret meaning of warnings Joe Biden?

Joe BidenJoe Biden accidentally shows a secret document entitled code word . Prehistory – Joe Biden accidentally shows a secret document entitled code word. In fact, some people scared the last performance of Vice President Joe Biden , in which he was shown holding a paper entitled  code word  when he was outside the safety zone and not the protocol. In fact, some people scared the last performance of Vice President Joe Biden, in which he was shown holding a paper entitled code word” when he was outside the safety zone and not the protocol. Continue reading “Secret meaning of warnings Joe Biden?”

Special pictures of the secret object of Scientologists

ScientologistsOverseas Mail Online version first published a series of photographs of so-called temple for Aliens – the Church of Scientology, which is located in a remote area in the desert of New Mexico.

Mysterious building, leading to an underground vault, located just behind the giant carved into the earth symbol, presented in the form of flowers that are trying to revive after the end of the world, who one day will come to Earth and destroy humanity.

Continue reading “Special pictures of the secret object of Scientologists”

31 Scientists have discovered the secret of 500-year-old girl mummy

Sacrificed the ancient Incas adolescents for a long time used the coca leaves and beer. This is the conclusion of a number of archaeologists who have studied in 1995 found the mummy of a teenage girl.

Previously, scientists believed that drugs were only given to the victims of death and during the ascent of the mountain peak, where performing the rites. Detail with reference to the article researchers Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences leads Nature News. 

Scientists have studied the mummified remains of a girl whose age at death was about 13 years old, and at this point the girl about 500 years old. Many of the circumstances of her death were previously well known, so archaeologists have conducted additional analyzes: in particular, have been studied hair Using mass spectrometry to determine the content managed in hair cocaine and one of the metabolites of cocaine. Continue reading “31 Scientists have discovered the secret of 500-year-old girl mummy”

Secret power tattoos

tattoo powerA birthmark on the human body has long been attaching special importance. It was believed that the location of moles and their combination affect the fate of a man in any way, determine its future.

They say that a mole in any case can not be removed – it is violating its own energetic background of the person. But it also happens that people are deliberately trying to change his fate by artificial application of magic symbols and marks on the skin with tattoos.
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Secret recordings of Gray cardinals global climate

global climateEnvironment of Norway Bard Vergara Solhel made public the contents of crumpled piece of paper. The paper was pulled from the ballot box, but its contents are highly reasonable efforts Norwegians, as a small piece contains a decision on what will be the future of our planet’s climate.

Handwriting on paper are preliminary calculations vote on key issues in the climate negotiations in Doha. In an interview with the newspaper “Aftenposten” Solhel minister, who translated the contents of the note to your language using online translator, said that the objections of the delegation in Doha were previously considered and deliberately ignored. Continue reading “Secret recordings of Gray cardinals global climate”

Invisible beam or secret generator Beridze

generator BeridzeInvisible beam or secret generator Beridze
The time it processes as a result of thought. In the 70 years of the famous physicist Professor N.Kobozev been allowed to participate in the formation of thought ultralight particles vacuum with high speed data transmission.

In those same years, Doctor of Psychology, Professor V.Pushkin and Sc.D. A.Dubrov hypothesized role of the physical vacuum in the higher forms of mental activity, namely sverhsostoyaniyah psychics when they exhibit the phenomenon of psychokinesis and other phenomena.
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