Scientists have learned to freeze human

freeze, humanTo do this, they invented a special mixture of salt and ice, which is the introduction of a man quickly, cools the blood. This plasma is very rapidly lowers the body temperature of 37.S to 10.S, slows metabolism, and the man falls into a kind of hibernation.

In the past year, the rescuers found in the mountains of the frozen body of 35-year-old Japanese businessman Mitsutaki Yuchikoshi. This happened after 24 days after his disappearance. The body temperature fell to a found Yuchikoshi 22.S; pulse barely palpable, internal organs are not functioning. Businessman was immediately taken to hospital where after a brief treatment of hypothermia and blood loss Yuchikoshi came to himself, and soon felt already quite remarkable “.
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Scientists are fighting over a mystery frozen in time

mystery ,frozenAmerican scientists have carefully studied the DNA 17-year-old girl, which keeps the body and behavior of a small child. Time for her to a standstill. A clue of the phenomenon of experts hopes to approach the closest secrets of aging.

Taking into account the date when Brooke Greenberg was born, she already has the right to sit behind the wheel of the car, and next year – get the right to vote. But at a weight of 9 kg and height 75 cm, it looks and behaves like a year old child.

Until recently it considered as a medical phenomenon, but a preliminary study of DNA suggests that such a strange feature can be associated with defects in genes that cause aging rest of humanity.
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Scientists have found a way to reduce the hangover

Scientists have found a way to reduce the hangover after drinking – for that should satiate their oxygen. According to British media, this discovery made by scientists from Chungnam National University in South Korean city of Daejeon.

It is known that oxygen is involved in the chemical process in the human body, in which alcohol breaks down into water and carbon dioxide. Scientists took the same portion of the same alcoholic beverage, in varying degrees saturated with oxygen and gave them drink volunteers participating practices.
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Scientists have found an ancient map of the Earth 3D

Earth ,3DDiscovery made by scientists of Bashkortostan, is contrary to traditional ideas about the history of mankind. On the stone slab, the age of which approximately 120 million years, marked relief map of Ural region.

It may seem incredible. Scientists of Bashkir State University have found clear evidence of the existence of ancient highly developed civilization. These are found in 1999, a huge stone slab with the image of the area made by unknown means. This is a real relief map. Around these, there is a war. On the stone map marked waterworks: a system of channels over 12 thousand kilometers, dams, high-power dams. Not far from the channels marked rhomboid area, the purpose of which is unclear.