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Scientists say it is possible to predict the future

Scientists sayScientists airman queue possible producer future e1352040622698 300×214 Scientists airman queen possible reducer  future Have you ever had any feeling about something is about to happen? Now, some scientists claim they can predict the future. The technical team responsible for the investigation and said at the time that our unconscious mind knows more than our conscious mind. However, there are still many unanswered question.

 Predict the butut, a natural fact

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Scientists say that telepathy between couples is real

Scientists say Scientific s airman queue la  enter pare as as real scientific airman queue la telepathic enter areas as real It all started when Julie met Mark is at a conference and agreed to participate in an experimentation on telepathy. Julie did not answer right away because of the strong connections she had felt for him, unknown and different countries. Now nuptial, Julie explains: “It was like we were connected, had not felt anything like Notice Sciences Institute, have printed a book entitled “The psychic intimacy: A Handbook between couples. Read the rest of this entry »

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