Scientists have managed to create an artificial gold

Duplicate GoldResearchers Israeli Technion University for the first time in history managed to grow artificial gold in the laboratory. According to the publication in the Jerusalem Post, this discovery – it is the handiwork of a postgraduate student of the Faculty of Engineering Materials Mary Kristosof Koifman, who worked under the direction of Professor Boaz cover.

Details of the process of obtaining artificial gold scientists published in the journal Nature Communications. Technion – this is one of Israel’s leading universities specializing in technical sciences. It was opened in 1924, and during his tenure the wall places left thousands of professional engineers and scientists. Continue reading “Scientists have managed to create an artificial gold”

Scientists first went down to the bottom of a giant crater in Yamal

giant craterScientists first studied the bottom of a giant funnel on the Yamal Peninsula. They confirmed the preliminary version that the funnel is of natural origin, a correspondent reported. TASS, the press service of the regional government.

November 10 ¬†2014 scientists went to the third expedition to the funnel, they were able to take samples of soil and ice. It is 4 km from the pipeline and at a considerable distance from the gas fields. Human activities could not exert any influence on the formation of a failure, – said the press service. Continue reading “Scientists first went down to the bottom of a giant crater in Yamal”

Scientists get ready to board a space probe to the comet

SpaceScientists Aerospace Centre in Cologne, as well as the Scientific steering center in Toulouse, France, as well as specialists Space Operations Centre of the European Space Agency are preparing for the unique event – tomorrow for the first time in the history of space probes from Earth to board a comet, which is located at a distance of 500 million miles away from our planet.

Now experts in the field of space research conducted last preparations. RT conducts live coverage of the research centers. Continue reading “Scientists get ready to board a space probe to the comet”

Scientists have discovered what kind of music is a sense of power

Music powerAmerican scientists have conducted a series of experiments in which not only defined what music evokes a feeling of power and authority, but also found out that it was in the music activates this psychological mechanism. This is stated in an article published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

The study authors noted that many athletes before the game out on the field football or any other with headphones in their ears. Many listen to music right before the exam, interview or other important point to get the necessary motivation. Continue reading “Scientists have discovered what kind of music is a sense of power”

In England astonished scientists found a store of coins of the Roman era and the Iron Age

 Roman eraA popular tourist destination in the English county of Der by shire, found the treasure that surprised archaeologists. The cave found 26 coins, which belong to two different cultures: three Roman coins dating from before ’43 n. e., that is, before the Roman invasion of Britain, and 20 gold and silver coins korieltauvov tribe. This is the first time that coins of these two cultures are together.¬†

The first treasure discovered by a local who is interested in mountaineering and went to the next campaign in the neighborhood, when he caught a heavy rain. Continue reading “In England astonished scientists found a store of coins of the Roman era and the Iron Age”

Scientists are studying the activity of the super in the U.S.

the U.SThe last known eruption of Yellowstone super volcano occurred 600,000 years ago, and it is the frequency of eruptions 600,000 years can be traced to the geological history of the North American continent. However, experts and volcanologists do not believe that the migration of bison in Yellowstone National Park and frequent earthquakes are harbingers of a new giant eruption (2.1 million years ago, the Yellowstone volcano ash fell asleep a quarter of the U.S. Continue reading “Scientists are studying the activity of the super in the U.S.”

Scientists discover the pulse of the Virgin Mary on ancient canvas

 MaryCelebrated 85 years since, as the image of the Virgin, who is about 500 years in Mexico in the specially built for her basilica, revealed his main and still unsolved mystery.

Interest to the Virgin of Guadalupe – a kind of icon that appeared nearly 500 years ago on the canvas, woven of coarse fibers cactus recently stirred the internet. Spread information through the network, as if the icon investigated NASA specialists. And found that the temperature of it – human – 36.6 degrees. The most important: dark women depicted on the canvas with a pulse – 115 beats per minute. And her eyes react to light – narrow, if they shine a flashlight in the dark and expanded. Continue reading “Scientists discover the pulse of the Virgin Mary on ancient canvas”

German scientists: this year will be a warm wave

Heat waveGerman scientists have provided the public the following forecast: in the current year should be a heat wave, as this year promises to be the hottest really throughout the history of meteorological observations.

Incidentally, such a statement of German scientists is very bold, because modern supercomputers offer more correct predictions with the deadline – a week.

German experts justified prediction study so famous events such as , which has a cyclic character. We are talking about the warm water, which is hidden under the surface of the Pacific Ocean. It was she, rising up, and propagates along the equator to America, is able to determine the climate for such a long time. Continue reading “German scientists: this year will be a warm wave”

Scientists have discovered a new property of milk

milk property Scientists have proved that this drink invigorates. Protein foods, in particular milk, is most effective to restore functionality. Weight gain and insomnia may be caused by insufficient production in the hypothalamus of the human brain special mediator Рorexin.

This material was synthesized by special cells. Orexin stimulates wakefulness and energy balance of the body support.

The researchers have shown that the sugar blocks the production of this component, so after eating a person often appears sleepy. Continue reading “Scientists have discovered a new property of milk”

Scientists have created a cure for female infidelity

FemaleScientists have created a drug of female infidelity. Treason – one of the first reasons for the separation of cohesive pairs. Need to deal with the problem comprehensively by preventing such a development. It is not always obvious why adultery, because scientists have developed a cure for treason. Today, however, only from the female …

Researchers from Italy have invented a medicine that can affect the sexual behavior of the fair sex and prevent trips to the left. This is done by correcting the hormonal levels in women. Continue reading “Scientists have created a cure for female infidelity”