Scientists have created a flying saucer to fly to Mars

NASA saucerTest flying saucer, which experts call blown inflatable retarder supersonic speed will be held in early June at the U.S. Air Force missile test site on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian archipelago composed. The experiment will be carried out in the stratosphere.

In the future, the designer view, the device will attach to the base of the spacecraft – this will ensure their braking tenuous Martian atmosphere and a soft landing on the surface of the Red Planet. Continue reading “Scientists have created a flying saucer to fly to Mars”

American scientist denies the fact of death

deathAmerican scientist who works at the University of North Carolina claims that the afterlife may well exist in the multiverse. And to prove his theory, he enlisted the help of quantum physics.

Disputes about death and the afterlife are maintained constantly. Typically, in such disputes on opposite sides cross swords science and religion. The first category insists no mystical component in the phenomenon of life and death, and the adherents of all religions of the world, of course, believe otherwise. Continue reading “American scientist denies the fact of death”

Belarus has shaped an elixir of youth

elixir of youthGroup of Scientists at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus created an elixir of youth – a drug that slows the aging process, according to news reports. The discovery was made in collaboration with U.S.scientists.

They managed to create an elixir of eternal youth, a substance that would slow down the aging of cells. To do this, stop the free radicals that destroy the DNA molecule. Scientists have noticed that the polyunsaturated fatty acids are transferred free radicals. They have decided to step acid by replacing the hydrogen atoms in a harmless isotope deuterium.
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Greenland is a divided alarmed scientist

GreenlandGreenland formed a enormous iceberg, twice the size of Manhattan. The area of ice blocks, a break free from the Petermann glacier, is 120 square meters. Kilometers, reports The Washington Post.

Professor at the University of Delaware, Andreas Munchou wary of the emergence of a new iceberg– “This event is a concern. We have information for the last 150 years, and those changes that are occurring now, we have not seen. Greenland ice sheet is rapidly changing before our eyes. He has not only reduced in size, but also in the volume. ”
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Scientists have put forward a new explanation of dinosaurs

DinosaursDinosaurs reached huge sizes in order to avoid competition with their own youngsters, and not to get more oxygen, have a higher body temperature and move on solid distance the environmental explanation of gigantism among the dinosaurs – the most popular. This hypothesis is well grounded speculation, but very poorly supported by actual evidence. Roland Sokias from Munich University. Ludwig Maximilian (Germany) and his colleagues decided to find out whether the size of dinosaurs have followed changes in the environment.The team analyzed the ratio of the femur to the size of the body more than four animals of the Permian, Triassic and Jurassic (299-145 million years ago), covering not only the dinosaurs Continue reading “Scientists have put forward a new explanation of dinosaurs”