Five scientific experiments that could result in the end of the world

scientific experimentsUsed to trust the fact that they say and do smart people in lab coats, which we call scientists. But what if one of them decides to put the knowledge and science, above all else, and finds itself a curious nose where it should not, inadvertently triggering a chain of events that lead to global catastrophe, and even universal scale? We have put together the 5 most dangerous experiments; we were able to arrange the Apocalypse just the other day. Continue reading “Five scientific experiments that could result in the end of the world”

The crisis of the scientific world

scientificAbout two hundred years, the materialists have promised that scienceeventually will explain everything in terms of physics and chemistry. Science proves that living organisms – complex machines, minds – a product of the brain, and the nature of aimlessness. The philosopher Karl Popper called it the “promised materialism” because it was about the promised science discoveries that have not yet done. Despite all the advances in science and technology, materialism, now faces a crisis that was unthinkable in the twentieth century.

A problem of the primacy of matter or mind is still not resolved. Discovered many of the details are highlighted genome sequences, instruments for brain scans have reached a qualitatively new level. But so far there is no direct evidence that life and consciousness can be explained by physical and chemical processes.
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Top-10 most significant scientific discoveries of the decade Discovery

Discovery Channel summarized the first decade of XXI century, presenting a list of the ten most significant discoveries during this time.
1. Speed of melting glaciers
Researchers at the Earth’s climate indicate that the giant ice caps of Greenland and Antarctica are melting faster than thought – contrary to what scientists have said before, based on the erroneous model calculation.
Famous snow of Kilimanjaro and other low-latitude mountains may disappear completely. Thick Arctic ice is rapidly decreasing, and this means that the Arctic Ocean, most likely in the future will be free of ice in the summer.
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