Large Hadron Collider before the birth of “God particle”

LHCApparently – geniuses of science are preparing for the new record.
It is expected that after the launch of the accelerator at 15-16 days of February the total energy of particle collisions in it will be increased almost three times! – From 2,36 teraelectronvolt to 7 teraelectronvolt.

In dekabrt 2009 Physics CERN successfully set a world record in the experiments at the huge accelerator in history – it passed the first beams of protons at the collision energy of 2.36 teraelectronvolt.

Collision energy in the largest to date, the collider – the Tevatron accelerator at Fermi lab name (USA) – does not exceed 1,8 teraelectronvolt, beams of protons and antiprotons in it were dispersed to the energy of 900 GeV each.
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Microbiologists have found out who started the evolution

Microbiologists from the University of California believe that life on earth in the form as it exists now, would not occur if the world did not appear the two ancient primitive single-celled organism, known as prokaryotes.

Now to the domains of prokaryotes are bacteria and archaea. The genetic material of prokaryotes represented by a single DNA molecule in a closed ring, there is only one replicon. In cells lacking organelles with the membrane structure.

Biologist James Lake of the Center for Astrophysics and Biology, University of California at Los Angeles compared the different types of proteins found in the body, and existing for today more than 3000 prokaryotic two previously unknown prokaryotes, appeared more than 2.5 billion years ago. Then it was very simple non-nuclear organisms, which are synthesized and made progress in organic development.
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Most well-known TOP-10 scientific falsehoods

i. 1 seat is a famous scientist and psychologist Sigmund Freud – proved that his theories were based on observation of only one patient.

ii. 2 place: professor of veterinary sciences Seoul National University’s Woo Suk Hwang deliberately falsified the results of experiments on cloning human stem cells. Instead, the scientist smodifitsiroval normal somatic cells, for which he was later accused of scientific fraud.

iii. 3 places went to “discovery” of the German paleontologist Rainer von Ports Enter. Discovered the bones of the skeleton of a man who could become a link between Neanderthals and modern humans, scientist artificially old and pass them off as a scientific sensation. As argued Enter the bones belonged to a man who lived 36 thousand years ago, but detailed examination of bones found in the age of 7, 6 thousand years.
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Scientists transferred hands on the clock Yom Kippur

Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 by American scientists and the editorial board of the journal Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. The reason for the launch of the project was the fall of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Initially, the clock showing seven minutes at midnight. In connection with the emergence of new technologies symbolism hours was increased: they now indicate the time not only to a nuclear holocaust, but also, in particular, to irreversible climatic disasters.

The last time the clock changed two years ago. Then the hands were transferred to seven minutes to midnight, five minutes. The reason for the shift were the nuclear tests by North Korea’s development of Iran’s nuclear program, as well as climate change.
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Scientists have found the top-10 “errors of nature.

Do you have any organs that you do not use? Scientists believe that there is. According to the theory of Charles Darwin, some “unnecessary parts of the body” show our connection with the ancestors, and perhaps someday fall off like the tail of a lizard. Here are the top-10 “errors of nature.”
1. Appendix humans
In herbivores, the appendix is larger and its main function – assistance in the digestion of food of plant origin. In humans, long-term role of this small part of the colon remains unclear, since the value of the appendix in digestion insignificant.
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