Internet users are willing to believe in different stuff in the network

networkU.S. scientists have found that people’s confidence in the information published on the Internet, is surprisingly high and if this does not decrease with time. Amazingly, the researchers believe: people have virtually no skills filtering false information on the web.
Experiments to prove this, carried out by specialists including those from the University of Connecticut. Studies conducted over several years starting in 2006. They attended student volunteers who are acquainted with the false information posted on the Internet. As it turned out, much of it in no way questioned. Continue reading “Internet users are willing to believe in different stuff in the network”

Social networking a modern form of insanity

Professor Sherry Turkle of MIT wrote a book called Alone Together (Joint loneliness”). In it, she convinces readers that the way people are desperately looking for social networking, there is nothing like a modern form of madness. The more active are people in the virtual world, the more confident you can put him to the diagnosis.
“Conduct which was quite typical for most people, can still express the issues that once made us see it as something abnormal,” – the author writes. In addition, according to Professor Turkle, sites like social networks isolate people from the real world and from each other under the guise, strangely enough, communication. “Technology robs people real human interaction! – She exclaims. – We invented the impressive technology, but now they weaken us. ”
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Phenomenological anomalies of the modern world

Experimental observation of events and phenomena, and installation of local relationships between them preceded their explanation in the current scientific understanding of the world.
Science develops abruptly, passing from one paradigm theory to another, more universal and comprehensive. Anomalies, as facts that can not be explained within the existing paradigm, become the engine until it changes, the basis for approval of a new system of knowledge. Continue reading “Phenomenological anomalies of the modern world”

10 most important scientific discoveries in 2010

scientific, discoveries A new element of the periodic table, the opening of a new kind of people, finding the first planet where life is possible, another star, as well as artificial cells in a company with cells that use the deadly poison arsenic for the construction of DNA molecules – such is the world’s crop science in 2010.
Introducing the 10 most important scientific discoveries made in the past year.
1. Physicists “close” an empty cell in the periodic table
Scientists from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, near Moscow, together with American colleagues filled the empty cell in the periodic table between the early 116-meter and 118-m elements. Continue reading “10 most important scientific discoveries in 2010”

Sporting achievements – just the chemical reaction of the body?

bodyThe Scientists first managed to fix the precise chemical changes that occur the human body as a result of physical exertion, and to show the difference in these reactions were less physically and more people involved. Scientists hope that these studies will help doctors to explain and learn how to use the mechanism of favorable effect of exercise on health.
All people without exception know that any physical activity favorably affects the appearance and health of the human body, but the mechanism of this beneficial effect is still very poorly understood by scientists from different countries.
Using the technique of new generation – the mass-spectroscopic analysis of Prof. Herzen and his team held a one-time monitoring of changes in the density of more than 210 biological molecules, which are contained in the circulatory system of a person before, during, and after fifteen minutes of intense exercise. Continue reading “Sporting achievements – just the chemical reaction of the body?”

Abnormal nanotech myths

Human activity accumulates mythology. Nanotechnology, the fundamental technological project of modern science, is no exception. Moreover, there mifotvorenie As for the essence of things.
Whether it’s an invention in the field of plastic surgery or in the office, which produces hair care products, and possibly involved in nanotechnology subtle mechanisms of the Large Hadron Collider? Directions and, accordingly, the myths that have become overgrown data know-how, here in abundance.
Most people, if it even belongs to the scientific community is convinced that nano technology – above all, the manipulation of atoms and design objects by their assembly of atoms. This – the basic myth. Continue reading “Abnormal nanotech myths”

The Time Machine-Myth or reality?

Mankind know of cases where the past invade the present and not as a person, and in the landscape and architecture of those times.
And even have a witness who could confirm what they saw firsthand.
Long ago, in 1912 in the British press published the mysterious event that occurred in the railway express. In the presence of two passengers – and it was the British police inspector and a young nurse in the car seat near the window there was an elderly man. He yelled and shook with fear. His clothes were old-cut, his hair braided in a braid. He is constantly repeating the same words: “Where am I? I – the driver. ” Continue reading “The Time Machine-Myth or reality?”

Scientists discovered in space “living dinosaurs”

DinosaursStudent Suinbernskogo University (Australia), Andy Green was found in space “living dinosaurs”. Previously it was thought that galaxies of this type existed only in the distant past.
Report on the conducted research is published in the journal Nature, a release from October 7. Andy Head, Professor Karl Gleyzbruk explains: “We thought that such galaxies do not exist. It turned out, though very rarely, but they still occur.
These galaxies are disc-shaped, like ours, but they are very restless and they are constantly new stars are born. It is believed that these galaxies were a lot of about ten billion years ago, in the young universe. Continue reading “Scientists discovered in space “living dinosaurs””

10 most amazing scientific experiments

Hundreds of thousands of physical experiments were supplied for the ancient history of science. It is difficult to select a few “most-most.
Among physicists, the United States and Western Europe were surveyed. Researchers Robert Creese and Stony Beech asked them to name the most beautiful in the history of physical experiments. On the experiments included in the top ten based on a sample survey of Crisa and Buka, told Scientist Laboratory for High Energy Neutrino Astrophysics, Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics Igor Sokalski.
1. The experiment of Eratosthenes Kirenskogo
One of the oldest known physical experiments, which measured the radius of the Earth, was held in the III century BC, the librarian of the famous Library of Alexandria Erastofenom Kirensk. Scheme of the experiment is simple. At noon, the summer solstice, in the city of Siena (now Aswan), the sun was at its zenith and the objects do not cast shadows. Continue reading “10 most amazing scientific experiments”

Scientists have discovered new Antarctic

Scientists have discovered new Antarctic Circumpolar Current, which carries cold water to the equatorial latitudes. Article researchers published in the journal Nature Geoscience, wrote briefly on portal Nature News.

The study using instrumental observations were able to establish “boundaries” and flow characteristics. The flow is formed during the melting of glaciers: water flows into the Ross Sea, and flows into the ocean along the coast of Adelie. The flow moves along the coast of Antarctica to the east until it reaches the Kerguelen Plateau, located under water. Here, under the influence of Coriolis forces arising from the rotation of the Earth, the water goes around the eastern edge of the plateau and is thrown into the ocean by a narrow – wide, about 50 kilometers – the flow.
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