The human body that science can not answer

BodyWe now know about the human body is much more than ever before, but despite the huge number of important studies, many of our features still remains a mystery.

1. Why do we have fingerprints?

Despite the obvious benefits of fingerprints, science really does not know anything about their natural function. Some scientists have developed sophisticated computer models to understand how fingerprints are formed, and although we now know about it, why evolution has given them to us, nothing is unknown.

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What is being done behind closed doors NASA?

doors NASAAmericans believe that NASA conducts dangerous experiments on humans. Despite the fact that the U.S. space agency NASA operates from the state budget, and over the lack of budget for 2014 was to get away, like many other government agencies, including the observatory, on vacation at his own expense, it still works. Although the official NASA site is idle, it does not mean that such a respectable agency abruptly ceased all of its development, monitoring of active missions, numerous experiments and gone on indefinite leave. Too many important experiments conducted by scientists NASA, that’s so easy to quit or leave without monitoring. too much money are at stake and the interests of the big men, serious military and political organizations, too important projects underway. Continue reading “What is being done behind closed doors NASA?”

Scientists have made a Map of Death

Death mapScientists have compiled the so -called death card  – the list of places to stay are the most unfavorable for the person. In particular, according to the document , the deadliest in the U.S. recognized by the heat. It is the reason for leaving out the lives of Americans more often than hurricanes , earthquakes , blizzards , cold, and so on. Statistics say that the heat is due to 20 % of the deaths that occur during natural disasters. About 19 % are caused by summer thunderstorms, about the same figure accounted for the cold. The hurricanes , fires , earthquakes , taken together, there is less than 5%. Continue reading “Scientists have made a Map of Death”

Twenty facts you did not know about gravity

1. The Force around us and penetrates us, it binds the galaxy. He could say this about gravity. Its properties of attraction literally fasten the galaxy and she gets in us, physically pulling us to the Earth.

2. However, unlike the Force with its light and dark sides, gravity is not the dual of, it only attracts and never repels.

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The Martian Chronicles

On marsThe life on Mars was life on Mars – all this seems to be not just a controversial scientific question, but a state secret and the United States. Kiwi Bird talks about the numerous forgeries and silence behind which may be hiding a very simple answer.

At the end of November to Mars goes another grand research expedition NASA, which is to deliver to the surface of the planet mobile science lab MSL , or, to put it more … romantic, the rover Curiosity.

The problems are that “curiosity”, designed for two Earth years, a full analysis of Martian soil and atmospheric constituents. But the main goal, as announced – to try to definitely establish Finally, there is now or ever has been before life on Mars. Continue reading “The Martian Chronicles”

Discovered a mysterious new radiation belt

February 28, the U.S. space agency announced the scientist discovery of another Earth’s radiation belt, which caused confusion among astronomers and specialists NASA. Scientists call it puzzling and phenomenal. – ITAR-TASS.

Why we have not seen before this radiation belt – confessed to leading the Center for Goddard Space Flight Sri Kanekal. – We do not know whether it is about a rare phenomenon. Nature is still able to surprise us.”
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How old mobile phone?

phoneHow more years are now essential mobile phones? 10? 20? 30 years? A perhaps all 50? As it turned out, a lot more. In the old records of the studio “Pate” Pathe. that in France, in 2010, was exposed unique movie story, filmed in 1922, his name says it all – “Cordless Phone Eve – Eve’s wireless. Nowadays it would sound as “Mobile Eve.”

But surprisingly not even the proper name, but the fact that the plot is fully consistent with the content of this title. In the film, two young girls walking along the boulevard. In the hands of one of these ladies a small radio. Continue reading “How old mobile phone?”

Science can now see even human being molecules

Scientists are provided the opportunity to review the structure of matter into smaller and smaller level.

For example, scientists have been able to see the human being molecules and even the trajectory of the electrons. Recently, scientists at IBM Research have published new images of molecules of the substance, details of which can be seen not only intra molecular interatomic bonds, but also to define “by eye” differences.
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The end of the world from NASA canceled!

Prediction of the anomalous solar activity, which will plunge the land into industrial chaos, made back in 2008, and now is not justified.

The second day all the feeds on the Internet are full of predictions about the end of the world, which will begin on September 21. Another terrifying – the Sun burn the land, will be a global blackout of the strongest in the history of the planet magnetic storm, and much more so that, in the end, lead to a loss of humanity. Continue reading “The end of the world from NASA canceled!”

NASA prepares the nuclear interceptor asteroids

Entered into the second phase of development of a unique project of the nuclear interceptor asteroid Hypervelocity Asteroid Intercept Vehicle (HAIV).

This is a NASA program aimed at creating technologies that can save the Earth from the devastating impact of the asteroid. HAIV will represent the spacecraft through the kinetic energy penetrates the asteroid, which will trigger a nuclear bomb. The asteroid will be destroyed or shifted with the trajectory. The majority wreckage will disperse in hand and will not pose a serious threat to our planet. Continue reading “NASA prepares the nuclear interceptor asteroids”