In the human intestine live life forms unknown to science

 scienceA new genetic analysis of human intestinal bacteria gave very surprising results. It turns out that live in our intestines so strange creatures, some biologists argue that this is an entirely new form of life, yet unknown to science.
Of course, such statements should be taken with skepticism, but some grounds they do have. Over the past ten years, new technologies have allowed scientists to study the genome for the first time to explore our own microbial those clusters invisible who live in us and on us. Research microbial literally rewrites now textbooks on human biology as scientists discover that everything from our mouths to gut and skin – is a complex and diverse ecosystem. According to some estimates, the microbes in our body more than just cells. Continue reading “In the human intestine live life forms unknown to science”

Scientific quest for immortality

ScienceSearch for the Ponce de León fountain of eternal youth may be a legend, but the basic idea – find a cure for old age – is very real.

People have been trying to crack the code of eternal youth, almost from the beginning of mankind.We tried everything we could imagine from the magical objects and an epic journey to the sacrifices and the use of blood also invented monsters that live forever, drinking blood. There was only a matter of time when science got involved in this quest Mysterious, and, you know, some real steps in this direction, she will be able to do. The Scientific quest for immortality Aging at the molecular level, it makes no sense. Our bodies are constantly creating new cells and restore our natural ability to protect, but we’re still getting old. Entropy takes the best of us, and we accept it as inevitable, although science has made a huge step forward, increasing our life expectancy. Continue reading “Scientific quest for immortality”

Scientists offer artificially induce rain in Crimea

rainAmong experts there is no consensus on how to save and efficiently, without harm to the environment or sources of water Crimea.

Some experts are inclined to believe that in the east of the peninsula seawater desalination is no alternative, and offer master the technology of artificial precipitation invocation. Others disagree. But all united in the fact that we need a mathematical model of the water balance of the country. After overlap Ukraine North Crimean Canal main source of water for the Kerch Peninsula, Feodosia and Sudak water intake should be three to Dzhankojsky Nizhnegorsky and regions of the Crimea, construction of which began last fall. According to the calculations they can deliver about 195 thousand cubic meters of water per day. Continue reading “Scientists offer artificially induce rain in Crimea”

Scientists develop pills kindness

ScienceCalifornia specialists create lekarstovo causing people such feelings as sympathy and pity. It was established that this tablet is able to artificially stimulate feelings of empathy and kindness.

 As a Mysterious basis for the experiment used a cure for Parkinson’s disease, which is called “tolcapone. Tablets affect areas of the brain that are responsible for personality, decision making Mysterious, social behavior. According to the creators polls in one day with it will treat mental illnesses like schizophrenia or severe dependence. In one of the volunteers received placebo in the other tolcapone drug that increases the duration of exposure of dopamine. Experts from California during the study volunteers were divided into several groups. Continue reading “Scientists develop pills kindness”

UN Humanity will face a shortage of clean water

waterOver the next 15 years, humanity could face a 40% shortage of drinking water, if countries do not change their approach to the use of water resources of the planet. This is the main conclusion of the report of the UN made last Friday in New Delhi.

Underground drinking water supplies have run out, and climate change difficult to predict rainfall. At the same time, experts predict that by 2050 the world population will increase to 9 billion people. Thus, the need for water for personal consumption planet and agricultural work will only increase. UN experts expect that by 2050 global demand for water will increase by 55% due to declining stocks. Continue reading “UN Humanity will face a shortage of clean water”

Bright spots Ceres could be water volcanoes

volcanoesAs NASA Dawn probe during March drawn into the orbit of the dwarf planet Ceres in the asteroid belt, he found a bright spot in the crater. Suspect, among other, that this spot was born in the eruption of water into space.

Fresh views expressed just yesterday, give weight to the idea. In the photos show a bright spot, visible even from the outside, which means that it stands above the crater. Surprisingly, the rim of this feature is most likely on the front of the line of sight, says Andreas Notes responsible for the mission camera and submit pictures yesterday at a conference LPSC in The Woodlands, Texas.  We believe that this may be some kind of decontamination. Continue reading “Bright spots Ceres could be water volcanoes”

Colonization of Mars postponed

ColonizationFirst, people do not go to the Red Planet on the previously planned date start a private project to colonize Mars Mars One postponed for two years. This was officially declared the founder of the space project, a Dutch businessman Bas Lansdorp, yesterday (March 19).

The delay is due to the financial side. Due to lack of funds delayed the start of the demonstration mission. As part of her project organizers planet to launch to Mars lander and orbiter to test life support systems in the Martian environment. Continue reading “Colonization of Mars postponed”

Astrobiologists create color catalog to search for alien life

alien lifeTo facilitate the search for life on planets outside our solar system, an international group of scientists has created a library of “Flower of Life” – a colorful catalog that contains a list of color “signatures” of microbial life of the Earth, which can be found on the surface of other worlds.

The new database gives people a better chance to approach the answer to the question of the presence of life beyond our planet.This database gives us a new idea might look like distant inhabited worlds says the study’s lead author, Professor of Astronomy Lisa Kaltenegger Lisa Kaltenegger from Cornell University, studying exoplanets and models potentially habitable worlds. – We have considered a variety of sets of forms life, some of which are found in most living organisms unfriendly parts of the Earth. Continue reading “Astrobiologists create color catalog to search for alien life”

Scientists are trying to revive the probe Philae

ScientistsIn November, the spacecraft made the legendary first ever landing on a comet – three times. After the lander Philae Fila landed on the comet 67P Churyumov – Gerasimenko, harpoons, which were to fasten it to the surface, did not work, and the spacecraft bounced back into space before returning to the comet again. Another jump put him on current shady place. Since then, the lander “Fila” plunged into the cold and darkness of 450 million kilometers from the Earth, and the only chance to recharge hisbatteries – sunlight. But in front of a warm and bright days, and “Fila” wakes up and is ready to return to work. True, it’s not going to happen soon. For the first time since immersion in suspended animation mission engineers began trying to contact Philae, the battery is exhausted soon after planting. Continue reading “Scientists are trying to revive the probe Philae”

The god of science-Nikola Tesla

god of scienceThe textbooks that the benefits of light and electricity gave us Thomas Edison, while genius whose innovative technologies that surprised and continue to amaze the world, closely sandwiched between science shelf Edward Teller and Thales of Miletus.

At the turn of the 20th century, electricity remained within reach of scientific curiosity – one of those concepts that hardly anyone could imagine at home performing daily routine work. Continue reading “The god of science-Nikola Tesla”