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Around Saturn rotates incredible antiquity

Saturn rotateRings and moons of Saturn are much older than previously thought. As reported by NASA, the data space probe “Cassini” shows that they are around four billion years.

This means that the gas giant spinning a kind of “antique shop” – the ancient celestial body that appeared during the birth of the solar system, while when there were around a young star protoplanetary cloud. Read the rest of this entry »

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Scientists have calculated the age of the planet Saturn

PlanetNASA Cassini found the real age of the rings of Saturn. According to the new data, the rings of Saturn for four billion years, which corresponds to the age of the solar system, according to Zman.

Scientists believe that a more detailed analysis of the composition of Saturn’s rings may “shed light” on the formation and evolution of the solar system as well as the matter of Saturn’s rings is identical to the one that was involved in the formation of the other planets.
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Clouds formed a hexagon on Saturn

SaturnPlanet Saturn has been startling scientists. At the South Pole is a mysterious Vortex, sometimes referred to as and the storm in the Northern clouds form a Hexagon, which do not decompose even during their rotation.

For the first time an unusual phenomenon noticed even the spacecraft Voyager 1, launched in 1977 to Saturn, and most recently, similar images transmitted to Earth interplanetary station.

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