NASA launch a satellite for the Mars investigation

satelliteNASA launched a satellite into space to study the MAVEN Mars. This was reported on the website of the U.S. space agency. The launch Atlas V carrier rocket at Cape Canaveral in Florida occurred at 13:28 local time (20:28 on Kiev) in standard mode. The first session will take place the satellite in an hour after the start, when he will begin a solo flight to Mars. MAVEN arrival at Mars in about ten months, and the whole mission is designed for a year. Continue reading “NASA launch a satellite for the Mars investigation”

Ecuador Space Agency gives up a satellite

Ecuador Space AgencyThe Ecuador Civilian Space Agency said Thursday that he has not be able to recover the indication from its first satellite, the NEE-001 Pegasus, and as a result run the indemnity covered it.In a announcement released Thursday, EXA said that on August 28, along with the Coordinating Ministry of Security and the Ministry of Intelligence, were done operations to recover the sign of Pegasus.

 The nana-satellite, in orbit since April 26, has lost its way nearly a month after its launch from China, Continue reading “Ecuador Space Agency gives up a satellite”

Found a new Neptune Trojan satellite

NASA scientists have exposed Neptune’s new, unknown before, the Trojan satellite. Such a discovery was made possible through images from space telescope “Hubble”. Sputnik was named 2011 HM102. Troyan sky satellite – a celestial body that moves along the orbit of the planet, the satellite behind it by 60 degrees. 150 images of Neptune in 2004 and 2009, there is a tiny dot. Mark Showalter, an astronomer who discovered satellite, said that it is hundreds of millions of times smaller than the tiniest star that can be seen with the naked eye. According to the emission of light in the satellite 100 million times darker than most inconspicuous star. Continue reading “Found a new Neptune Trojan satellite”

Mystic satellite dishes

satellite dishesTelevision master Sergei natives then starozhilka home for the former Znamenskaia Street (now St.. Rebellion) Daria V. Pirogov.

Sergei Vykhodtsev now 25 years old, he served in the emergency radio air defense forces, working in the company for installation of spherical antenna “Cosmovision” and is going to become in the near future husband granddaughter Daria Vasilevny, very pretty female students of the Textile Institute Vera.

Actually, Sergei wanted to do a pre-wedding gift-connect the TV to the family Pirogovy highly modern multi-channel antenna.
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The moon we could supply power for 5,000 years!

The moon we could supply power for 5,000 years the satellite has large reserves of helium-3, a very powerful fuel!

Reservations lunar helium-3, a light isotope of helium chemical element used as fuel could provide energy to the Earth for 5,000 years. This was stated by a professor at Moscow State University, Vladislav Shevchenko, the RIA Novosti news agency. “The opportunities for energy easy for the inhabitants of the earth are not infinite; its reserves on the planet will run out in the coming centuries. Continue reading “The moon we could supply power for 5,000 years!”

Lost pyramids found on Google Earth ?

Angela Micol believes that she may have located several undiscovered pyramids in Egypt using Google.

A ‘satellite archaeologist’, Micol uses tools such as Google Earth to help her identify possible archaeological sites that have otherwise gone unnoticed such as her discovery of a potentially undiscovered underwater city off the Yucatan Peninsula. Continue reading “Lost pyramids found on Google Earth ?”

Satellite Picture confirm ice shelf crack in Antarctica

Antarctica, Ice, SplitThe global warming and the disastrous effects that it may have on the future of the Earth, then watching these satellite images, you finally see for yourself. The satellite Envisat, for the past ten years, which monitors Larsen ice shelf in Antarctica, recently provided the photos that are undeniable proof of the impact of human activities on polar ice. If the polar ice in the Arctic, especially in Antarctica, will continue to melt at an alarming rate, up to the reality of becoming a doomsday scenario, developed in the studios of Hollywood, will be quite a bit.
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