skyscraper in the Sahara

A group of Chinese architects proposed the concept of environmentally friendly skyscrapers that can be built as in the Sahara desert. The concept featured in a special edition 2 Skyscrapers architectural magazine Evolo. Project Sandy Babel suggests that the skyscrapers you can print on the special 3D-printers that are able to sinter sand. Printers work… Read more skyscraper in the Sahara

Under the Sahara

The journal Environmental Research Letters, at a depth of approximately 75 meters below the Sahara desert and in other parts of Africa are water supplies that may be a hundred times the reserves of water on the surface of our planet. Currently, researchers have created the world’s first detailed map of these stocks, most of… Read more Under the Sahara

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the Sahara

An international team of scientists from Germany, Canada and the United States, headed by Stephen Kreplinym from the Institute of Geology, University of Cologne prehistoric conducted the study. It turned out that the Sahara has become the most extensive and the hot desert planet about 2700 years ago in a very slow evolution of climate.… Read more Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the Sahara