How the 90s Hit Women

I remember how in the 90s, when I was a child, my husband left my neighbor with three children. There was some indecent love story, a rival caught him with a bottle of wine, seduced him, wrapped him up, and he went into the sunset. As a result, a woman who never worked with two young children and one teenager was forced to somehow get out.

She adapted to sew, and therefore survived. To all whom she met, she offered her services. We ordered her a dress or skirt. Continue reading “How the 90s Hit Women”

The most violent in the history of Russian women

womenOddly enough, but the fair sex are capable of violence, and they do not show aggression to defend themselves, and for fun. Who are they – the most violent women of history? This will be discussed further

The first place is so strange and bloody ranking is Daria N. Saltykov, who had the nickname Saltychikha. Years of life 1730 – 1801 Daria early widowed, she was only 26 years old, and her undivided ownership already received about 600 peasant souls. Continue reading “The most violent in the history of Russian women”