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Around Saturn rotates incredible antiquity

Saturn rotateRings and moons of Saturn are much older than previously thought. As reported by NASA, the data space probe “Cassini” shows that they are around four billion years.

This means that the gas giant spinning a kind of “antique shop” – the ancient celestial body that appeared during the birth of the solar system, while when there were around a young star protoplanetary cloud. Read the rest of this entry »

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The atmosphere of Venus rotates very strange cyclones

cyclonesScientists shared their observations about the weather on Venus. It turns out that over the south pole of the planet is the center of the action of its atmosphere. Atmospheric vortex over the south pole of Venus four times Earth’s cyclones.

Cyclonic structure was first discovered satellite of the European Space Agency in April 2006. Since then, the past seven years, the vortex rotates, then decay, then being formed again. Specialist Spanish Basque University Itziar Garate Lopez said. Probably, the vortices are present in the atmosphere of Venus is the time.
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