A story of Ross Island

IslandOn Ross Island, uninhabited since the Second World War. Now it is more like a decoration for the film The Jungle Book. But once it was called the Paris of the East for the amazing architecture and advanced at the time the level of social life, it is unusual for tropical islands in the region.

Ross Island was considered the center of the British government Andaman Islands in the Indian Ocean, part of the territory of India in the 1850s the colonial government of India has decided to arrange here their remote headquarters. So why the once thriving island was imprisoned in nature? Why are people allowed jungle absorb his magnificent architecture? The story is quite dreadful.

Ross Island history began when he landed on the first British. It happened in the early 1790s. Naval Lieutenant Archibald Blair decided that the island could be an ideal place for penal colony – a kind of modern Guantanamo. Continue reading “A story of Ross Island”