The world’s most dangerous road

dangerous wayA road three miles extended and three feet wide hanged more than 100 meters from the bottom of a gorge and allow macerate for the basics for a century. The result is a place that can only be described as frightening. Demolished, with the ground full of holes and missing long stretch, without any railing which protects a void that threatens to abduct who runs, elusive, under threat of falling rocks and an entry in which, there are literally that hung from the vacuum, the risk in this way fascinates the world.

Attracted by his vertigo, people around the world come to El Chorro, which is locked so unique journey. Several have fallen vacuum his death contributing to the legend of the world’s most dangerous road.
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Devil’s Road of Death

In place affords a place where mysterious reasons, often killing the drivers falling asleep at the wheel. And local residents regularly observe UFOs … The road 70 kilometers north of Ustyuzhna – smooth, like an arrow. No sharp turns or abrupt descents … All around the swamp, wrapped in brown tape, but rare shrubs. But even sunny day here terribly. “Here is the route by which” the truckers and the occasional travelers traveling from St. Petersburg. Here in this place last year, broke a couple, – said Alexander Smirnov, head of traffic police affords. – We came, dragged them to the “Audi” in the nearby village Kishkino and returned. Continue reading “Devil’s Road of Death”