Grand Canyon of the river was covered with fog

covered with fogGorge of the Grand Canyon in the United States filled with fog. This is a rare phenomenon that occurs once every 10 years.

While the United States fought for cheap goods in the Black Friday, the tourists decided to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, we’re able to see the unique beauty of the spectacle. Because of a rare natural phenomenon of the river canyon filled with fog. Continue reading “Grand Canyon of the river was covered with fog”

Kodachok secrets of the island in the river

the islandThe pyramid disappeared and the sanctuary of the god Ra  According to legend, Ivan Sirko Kodachke to greet the dawn, in the Scythian kings of conceiving children. Kodachok Island in the river,which is associated with the names of the Grand Prince Svyatoslav Igorevich and brave Cossack Ivan Sirko, literally teeming with legends and myths. Etymology of the word Kodachok this: root code in Sanskrit means  tape  and ending  ak means the action . That is the word  Kodak  means one who creates the tape . Continue reading “Kodachok secrets of the island in the river”

Martian river Reull Vallis

Mars River on Mars explore the “Mars Express“, the name of which Reull Vallis. Research probe “Mars Express”, a European Space Agency (ESA), at the end of last year, took a picture of Mars region called Reull Vallis with its high-resolution stereo camera. The photos show the mouth of a dry river. Scientists suggest that in the past there was a river of liquid water, which had a fairly strong current.Under different conditions, such a trace could not be formed.
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Alaska River overflowed

Meteorologists reported that due to rains, the water level in the rivers flowing into the Cook Inlet climbed more than 1 meter. It was decided to cut off some roads and create a Center for emergencies.

There are speculations that the water will rise to flood levels. Kenai Peninsula residents are asked to report the flooding in the police. Continue reading “Alaska River overflowed”

China’s “bloody” river!

For unknown reasons, the water in the Yangtze River became blood red. Eerie sight first to see the inhabitants of the city of Chongqing. According to The Daily Mail, the local authorities have not been able to identify the causes of so many unusual phenomena.

And the townspeople not too scared and this phenomenon, many have begun to collect unusual water in the tank, as a souvenir. A fisherman and does continue to choose from a blood-red water catch. Apparently, the Chinese do not read the Bible, in which he wrote that before the apocalypse instead of water in the rivers will be flowing blood. Continue reading “China’s “bloody” river!”

The history of the Aral Sea

Aral riverAral Sea endothelial salt lake in Central Asia, on the limit between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Since the 1960s of the XX century the sea level (and the amount of water in it) is declining rapidly due to diversion of water from the main supply of the Amudarya and Syrdarya.

Prior to the shoaling of the Aral Sea was the fourth largest lake in the world. Over-extraction of water for irrigation of agricultural land in the world has made the fourth-largest lake, the sea, above the rich life in the barren desert.
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Under the sands of Australia found the river

RIVER, Under, sandsSystem of ancient rivers and streams, hidden by a millimeter with a layer of sand in the Simpson Desert, experts studied the Australian National University and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

“The ancient pools of local rivers formed about 50 million years ago during the humid climate of the late Cretaceous and early Tertiary periods,” – says in the pages of Australian Journal of Earth Sciences Professor Michael Hutchinson.
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