Scientists have establish a gigantic ring of dust close to the orbit of Venus

ring of dustScientists have establish a mysterious ring of dust in the orbit of Venus . This is the second such find in the solar system, according to NBC .

The diameter of the ring is 220 million kilometers. It glows and only 10% denser than the matter of which is formed interplanetary space. Its existence scientists have guessed before. In particular, it should be recorded in the 1970s. the Soviet interplanetary probes enus 9 and 10, but then prove the existence of the ring failed. Continue reading “Scientists have establish a gigantic ring of dust close to the orbit of Venus”

Mysterious nature-Fairy ring

Mysterious NatureNatural world holds many secrets and mysteries. One of them is with the mysterious phenomenon as witches ring.

Do not be mistaken if I say that the amazing community of fungi seen virtually everyone who has ever chosen with a basket in the woods. You come out to the edge, and before the eyes of the following picture appear mushrooms like lined circle as kids around the Christmas tree, and inside that circle the grass is not growing.
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Photo of the Day-Ring of Einstein

EinsteinBlue mascot was discovered in 2007 when a great study of the entire sky SLOAN, but the Hubble images provide unique facts and the details of this rare natural phenomenon.

Gravitational lens-one of the most strange phenomena of the Great Universe that astronomers have learned to use to the common good, studying far-distant galaxies by determining the mass of dark matter in clusters, and much more.

The story then this. Scientists have long interested in the wonderful “red galaxies” – is a type of galaxies, which, apparently without showing too much brightness, nevertheless have a huge mass – mass of several tens of the Milky Way.
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