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Riddle of the daughter of the gods

the gods daughterArriving in modern Egypt tourists, who are interested in its history, be sure to visit the pyramids. But not less popular and a tour to Luxor.

Local guides are fond of saying: He, who, having been in Egypt, had not visited Luxor, and did not see the most important thing. It was here in the XXI-XV centuries BC. e. stretched the grand capital of the ancient Egyptian kingdom, which the Egyptians themselves called Uaset and Greeks – more common in the West, the name of Thebes. Perhaps nowhere else in Egypt there is no focus monumental religious buildings, grand palaces and monuments of the Middle Kingdom. Read the rest of this entry »

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Riddle Chupacabra

Some kriptidah familiar to mankind for hundreds of years, while others, such as the history of the Chupacabra, are relatively new and poorly understood.

The first officially documented eyewitness faced with this mysterious beast, describes the incident that occurred in Puerto Ricoin 1995. In the midst of an epidemic of strange deaths of small livestock Madeline Tolentino and several of her friends saw the creature about four feet tall with a large head, which is located on a lipless mouth, fangs and huge red eyes. Eyewitnesses said that the hind paws of the beast bent like a kangaroo, the front was short, but with impressive claws, and were on the back with webbed wings like a bat.

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Riddle of the Tower of Babel

Tower of BabelBiblical story of the grand building – the Tower of Babel, still is haunted by the many scientists who are trying to either refute or prove the truth of the story. According to this well-known legend, once people wanted to build a tower that would reach to the sky, and it’s not pleasant to God, who in punishment for human pride and self-confidence of people deprived of a common language.

Longer understand each other builders left his venture, but a place where there was this significant historical event was called Baby lon, which is translated from the Aramaic means “confusion.” Read the rest of this entry »

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