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Session Revelations: 10 raspostrannennyh “SCIENCE” THE MYTHS

RevelationsThe American magazine “Living Science” published the views of scientists on the most popular “scientific” myths. Session revelations showed that the majority of myths – that the myths, ie errors. But some are more viable and stood the test of a scalpel, ruler, thermometer and stopwatch.
1. In space, no gravity
Very strange myth, which could occur only among the most simple-minded citizens – by the way, the magazine did not mention which countries and societies arose the myth that there is no gravity in space. Why, then, the Earth does not fly away from the Sun and the Moon – from the Earth? Apparently, the myth arose because of observations of weightlessness inside the spacecraft, but in reality, and astronauts, and all subjects in these devices regularly fall to Earth. But flying around the planet in the horizontal direction, and this fall unnoticed.
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