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Snowden revealed the new mystery lurks

The disposal of German journalists were secret documents U.S. National Security Agency provided hiding in Moscow ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden.

According to published reports, the NSA and the CIA’s secret services had unlimited access to one of the world’s largest Internet node DE-CIX, located in the German city of Frankfurt am Main.

Due to its favorable geographical position and a major financial center in the city, through DE-CIX day passes more traffic from the Internet than through similar terms in other cities. At peak times, the flow of data through the hub is up to 2.5 terabytes per second. Read the rest of this entry »

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A damaged brain revealed the secret intelligence

damaged, brainThe University of Illinois studied the cerebral cortex 182 veterans of the Vietnam War with focal lesions of “gray matter”. In the end, knows the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” , they managed to create a “map” of the physical architecture of intelligence in the brain. Focal brain injury assessed in the study, allowed scientists to identify which brain structures are necessary for thinking. Learn how to damaged areas of the brain affect human cognitive function, researchers have inflicted on the “map” of the architecture of thought, identifying the structure of the brain that are critical for specific mental abilities.
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Bermuda Triangle: mystery revealed

mystery, revealedJournalists discovered two puzzles Bermuda Triangle. The investigation, conducted with the participation of channel BBC, allowed naming the reasons for disappearance of two passenger planes in 1948 and 1949…

Bermuda Triangle has a sinister reputation of the area in which the missing planes and ships – allegedly without any visible circumstances and without leaving any traces. British journalists and experts in the field of aviation partially dispelled the myth of the mysterious zone of the globe.
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