Hamilton Reserve

HamiltonA natural pool, which appeared when the dome of an subversive river collapsed under the power of millennial erosion. The pool is bounded by huge slabs of limestone, which lie at the water’s edge.

From the ceiling above, grow huge stalactites. Hamilton Creek River flows directly to these mineral slabs, creating a 15-meter high waterfall, which falls directly into a steep canyon. Continue reading “Hamilton Reserve”

The reserve in the Ross Sea

Ross seaEnvironmentalists accuse the Ukraine, Russia and China to block the idea of creating the world’s largest marine reserve in Antarctica, reports the BBC. In the Australian city of Hobart negotiations on this issue. They will last for ten days. Participation in negotiations take 24 countries and the European Union. Director of the environmental organization Sanctuaries Project dubbed them the black days, not only in the Antarctic, but also for the entire world ocean. Continue reading “The reserve in the Ross Sea”