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Mysteries of redheads

redheadsWhence came the red and where they lead us? People with red hair are found among all peoples. But it is difficult to live. At all times, the surrounding blondes and brunettes treated them very cautiously. Even in the XXI century, devoid seem all prejudices, to be ginger is very difficult. Of course, the owners of the fiery head of hair color are not considered harbingers of disaster and are not intended as a witch. But … Red, red-haired, freckled, killed his grandfather with a shovel!

This song-teaser singing as a child, perhaps, almost everything. In Russia suspicious of redheads are treated not only ordinary people. There were times when the negative attitude towards them is evident even state. So, during the reign of Peter I was even issued strict royal decree strictly forbidding oblique and ginger to hold public office and to testify in court, … Read the rest of this entry »

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