The historical reality

historical, realityThe future and unlimited spaces, as of course, we do not miss our best opportunity to broaden our horizons in retrospect. So with nos-recherches, studies and discoveries we travel in reverse the path that has been our history, composed of a ensemble discoveries, insights, and checks which have brought man to the discovery of fire to the invention of wheel, the pyramids were built in the early geographical explorations, until our time, dominated by computers and satellites.
The rediscovery of our ancient times, customs, myths and ruins, has been part of a scientific branch, probably as old as man (who has always had a thirst for knowledge) but that is reaffirmed with extreme force over the centuries archeology.
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Parapsychology: reality or illusion?

reality ,illusionAbout that, what is psychic and psychics, despite difficult for the Russian pronunciation of these words at the moment does not know just lazy (thanks, media rasstaralis).
The truth, psychic has every chance to call ekstraseksom (myself heard), confused psychic with hypnosis, however, that there are such people, known to all, at least, who could read. See page printed editions of ad space – they are packed with ads for clairvoyants, sorcerers (certainly in 7 generations), predictor, soothsayer, to remove decay, love Privorot (with picture), etc.
Psychic – getting information out of the sense organs, the impact on the physical phenomena without muscular effort, etc. – Became a highly profitable sector of business, getting money out of nothing. Parapsychology (from the Greek para – near, around) – is the study of ESP information, as well as human impacts on the physical phenomena outside the body without muscle forces (“force of thought”). Continue reading “Parapsychology: reality or illusion?”