Levitation – it is a reality

LevitationIf the Bible interprets the levitation of a miracle, the possible interference with divine powers, for physicists to levitate in a magnetic field, there is no mystery. But how people manage to float in the air without any financial support? As the human body itself overcomes gravity? These are questions that science is powerless to respond, despite the countless cases of levitation, registered even in recent history.

Two magnetic rod attracted. If you change the poles of rod magnets will repel each other. But if an induction coil connected to a battery or other power source and drop it on the aluminum ring, the ring will float in the air, as if defying the laws of gravity. Continue reading “Levitation – it is a reality”

What children believe about the miracles in reality

Babys worldThis week we’ll all be observation the clash of darkness and cold to heat and light-weight fantasy, fiction and magic – from Santa to niggard, from grandparent Time and Baby year to the 3 wise men. youngsters can hear tales of thunder, elves and magic rings, sitting ahead of old school fire, or watch them on original screens.

However if truth be told the youngsters|the youngsters the kids square measure miracles? standard knowledge is that children cannot draw the road between reality and therefore the imagined world, facts and fantasies. Continue reading “What children believe about the miracles in reality”

UFO objective reality

UFO objectiveOne of the former employees of the Department Ph.D. VP Kovalkov kept a copy of the report on UFOs and handed it to me.  After reading the report, I have concluded that it is almost a textbook on ufology, the author of which you can quite be called acheslav Pavlovich Kovalkova.  I must say that the very contents of the report speaks for itself: UFO – it is a reality.

Here is the testimony of Doctor of Technical Sciences of one of the developers of the first radar and RF Avramenko, who in 1994 publicly stated that after the first high-power radar, he and his staff decided to explore …  Continue reading “UFO objective reality”

Fairy Tale or Reality?

FairyStories of legends and true stories. Over the centuries, European peasants became victims of mischievous fairies, or, on the contrary, they were helped by the good fairies. But in the history of mankind know of one case of a crash with the fairies, which was documented by means of an impartial mechanism.

France Griffith and Elsie Wright were cousins and lived in rural areas. France was ten, and Elsie – thirteen. The girls were like girls, no worse and no better than the others, loved to dress up in beautiful dresses and secretly enjoyed my mother’s rouge. They often fled to the fields, where they played to tiredness. One girl went home strange. On questioning the parents, they did not answer at first, then broke and was told that they had seen a fairy.
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Creating our own reality

own realityA physical attitude of “contraction”, which is manifested in your breath and muscle tone, along with a mental and emotional pattern derived from these experiences.
That fear attitude towards life has become naturalized and is involuntary and not depend on your feelings but became part of you. Most likely that in any situation that causes you fear, you will invariably react that way.
So what you feel and express no longer spontaneous, but is a reaction constant attitude towards life. Continue reading “Creating our own reality”

9 miracles that have not become a reality

miraclesScience fiction stuffed us nonsense about the future. Starting with the second part of the film “Back to the Future”, which goes well with popcorn, to the abstruse entertainment like “Space Odyssey 2001” picture of the future, showing us a whole bunch of cool things, the appearance of which we should be looking now. This air-cushion vehicles, and flying skateboards, robots, sentient and mind. People are preparing to fly to the asteroid to mine minerals there, and we still have not started mass production of flying cars. There’s something wrong! Priorities, science! Priorities.

We still do not see how people are flying off to the moon – a shame, I know it. Here are just some of the innovations that were to appear at us by now, but it never appeared.
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Unreal reality

realityThis in order is structured so that it can see the undemanding things, and deep thought. I deliberately did not describe in detail his vision is affected by several reasons. The main reason is that if go into a detailed analysis of some kind, even a very important topic, it will not be able to describe the overall picture, and this goal in this case is paramount.

Since the general picture itself removes many questions. The second reason is that some information may be premature for someone. Might scare and generate a sense of hopelessness, that neither is good in itself. And finally, the third reason is that it is much better and nicer to think out yourself, and do not cram your luggage in another imposed dogma. Each of us is unique, and therefore thinking all different.
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Reality or fiction-Legends about mermaids

Mermaids existed since time immemorial. There are those that account for thousands of years. For whatever reason, they are still alive? This is not only a long history. There are witnesses among our contemporaries, that they have the experience of contact with the mermaids.

Here is an example of how this relates to all the well-known people – Andrei Makarevich.
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Myth or reality giants.

mythAll new truths-they begin as heresies and end as superstition. The Sao were so large that their bows were built with palm trunks and their whole bowls resembled large funerary jars, they could hold two men sat. They caught without a net, blocking the rivers of their hands they hippos took an unarmed when they spoke their voices thundered like the growl of thunder … e they had white skin..
This could be the text of a story to tell to children near a fireplace, in the evenings cold and ice of winter when you can not leave the house, or simply the viaticum to lull children have trouble sleeping, as have generations of parents, sitting on one side of the bed of their children, armed with a book of fables or just with their own imagination.
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Holy Grail mystery and reality.

Holy, GrailA beautiful golden cup set with precious stone, it would probably be more likely to imagine it as a simple timber, as we have just “seen” in the legendary film series’ Indiana Jones “…
The Templars, in their long, grueling crusades, have imagined the cup of Jesus Christ as something unattainable, therefore many have created wandering around her.
What we really know? In the New Testament we receive the words of Jesus rather tricky way. It is true that Jesus did drink his friends and brothers, the Apostles, of its cut – but he does not say that with this gesture, they would have been drinking “his blood” and to be saved before the Lord (source of this new work “Into the Light – a message of humanity ultrastructure) – he would rather welcomed this way these faithful friends. Continue reading “Holy Grail mystery and reality.”