Scientists say life after death is real

life reviewConfirmed the theory that man has a soul and it does not die with heart failure.

One of the authors of the study is anesthesiologist Stuart Hameroff – “The human soul is something more fundamental than an ordinary bunch of neurons …”, – he said. Scientists came to the conclusion that consciousness as such existed in the universe from its birth.
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History of warfare on earth real

warfareSurface populate planet already came out of the mines and lodge in what would china korea vietnam thailand, and part of india in the real world.

In the battles in the solar system with large ships enlil diverts a your planet jupiter moon base and against send x1, but this is for deviant scor, and only happens so near x1 causing the destruction of the first part of the continent of mu.
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The real secret of Tutankhamen

secret ,TutankhamenA century now claims a halo floating around the name of the pharaoh Tutankhamen-child. Since Howard Carter discovered the tomb – officially 27 November 1922 – the most familiar from the details of discovers all died, inexplicably, in the space of a few years.
About 5 months after the discovery of the tomb, the one who financed the company, Lord Carnarvon, was bitten by a mosquito on his cheek. Following this trivial incident, his health deteriorates to the lead to death from sepsis.
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