How many colors are in a rainbow?

colors rainbowThey say they see a rainbow is good luck and if you reach the bottom you will find a pot of gold, but seriously, a rainbow is produced when light passes through water droplets in the atmosphere and credit  light spectrum is formed in an arc. still, there are a number of enthralling facts not know for sure, so we bring you 7 of the rainbow unknown data that we return to The huff ton Post.

 1. They are on the odd occasion seen atnoon: The rainbows be more common in the mornings or evenings, why? It turns out that this phenomenon is formed; Continue reading “How many colors are in a rainbow?”

Incredible cloud “Fire Rainbow” appears on South Florida

The so-called “fire rainbow” nor fire nor rainbow, but it sure is impressive.

They are technically known as iridescent clouds , a relatively uncommon caused by clouds of water droplets of nearly uniform size, according to a NASA statement. These clouds diffracted, or bent, the light in a similar manner, which separates the light into different wavelengths or colors. Continue reading “Incredible cloud “Fire Rainbow” appears on South Florida”

Why does the rainbow

A rainbow appears, you need to remember high-school physics, specifically the section – optics. Now go specifically to the question of why a rainbow appears. First, know what is light. Light is electromagnetic radiation perceived by the human eye. From physics we know that the wavelength of the radiation is very small, it is in the range: 0.38 – 0.77 microns. From this we can conclude that the length of the waves is not a constant number, it happens because the light is different and has different wavelengths. Color can be not only white, but color, which is why a rainbow appears. Next, let us remember the lessons of physics, what is the spectrum. And this kind of rainbow, composed of a set of colored light. To it was formed, it is necessary to skip the white light through a glass prism. As is well known indicator of a hall of matter increases with the oscillation frequency of the light wave. Continue reading “Why does the rainbow”

Wonderful samuyskaya rainbow

The photograph captures the Thai island of Koh Samui – a wonderful place in every respect.

The unique nature, turquoise sea breeze, the measured pace of life.. And the fact that this island is very much fond of our compatriots, known, apparently, not everyone.

Leisure ran into several projects, whose owners live now or sting earlier in Samui. They speak about this wonderful heavenly place with great enthusiasm.
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The miracle of light – a rainbow.

rainbowRainbow formed of the fact that sunlight is refracted in the drops of water (rain or fog), which hover in space. Droplets are differentially deflecting light of the full range of colors (purple is rejected at 139 ° 20 ‘, red – 137 ° 30’).

As a result, white light can be decomposed into a spectrum. Observed this phenomenon seems to be in space in concentric arcs are multicolored glow. This happens only if the source of bright light is behind the person.