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Ghosts or the supernatural power at some homes

All the world there are many stories of houses where they are ghosts or supernatural things happen. In most cases there is no convincing scientific evidence. Even there are even pictures of these supernatural events or appearances. Except in some cases, as happened in May 2007 in a house in Queensland. For me, so far, the most famous houses with ghosts, apparitions or demonic possession is for the Amityville house in New York, The story is similar in most of these cases, ie, there is talk of houses with negative charge, feelings of great fear or evil presences …The following picture seems to have captured something of spiritual energy that characterized the appearance of the ghost or the beginning of supernatural phenomena that happened in that house. According to those who lived this experience counted it all started in 2006 with only sounds and steps. Then some household objects move. Still others come on their own as TV or radio and tune in programs that seem to send messages in both directions that will exponentially increase their terror in these situations …The last thing is to get to the hysteria of horror was when the supernatural being, turned on the car, along with the radio blaring … Read the rest of this entry »

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