Secret code pyramids

Until recently it was believed that the pyramids – the majestic tomb, the last resting place of the Pharaohs. Now, however, scientists insist that their functions are much broader. Diagonal one of the faces is directed along the meridian exactly at the North Pole, and with an error smaller than the Paris Observatory. Moreover, it… Read more Secret code pyramids

Person in Canada

Possibility of satellite and aerial research has open many doors for archaeologists – so they find new Egyptian pyramids and map ancient settlement. In 2006, the year it has also led to a astonishing discovery made by Australian grandmother. Unlikely she was an expert in history, but the discovery of attractive happened. So what is… Read more Person in Canada

Mysteries of the historical Pyramids

Distinguish the main features of the great pyramids that surprise us:  1.  The grandeur and solidity of stone construction with no visible signs of destination.  2.  The exact geometry and orientation of the pyramids.  Perfect docking blocks in the masonry and their size.  3.  Preservation of what is inside the pyramids.

Hide and seek with the gods

The study of the two great ancient civilizations -(1) the Maya and (2)Aztecs, researchers invariably turn to mention a few other cultures, not less mysterious. It is for certain is known only by the fact that the Aztecs did not build its famous Teotihuacan pyramids, whose age is estimated presumably more than two thousand years.… Read more Hide and seek with the gods