Secrets of the pyramid of Djoser

 Djoser pyramid A hundred years ago, scientists doubted for whom a stone pyramid was built on the Sakkara plateau near the ancient Thebes. The affiliation of the pyramids in Giza to the pharaohs of Cheops, Chephren and Mikerin has been known since the time of Herodotus, but to whom the very first six-step community is destined, which for 4650 years was a mystery for a long time, and the problem was solved more than 200 years ago.

True, they knew who built it from the hewn monoliths – the architect Imhotep, about which a lot of information and legends were preserved. Now the pyramid is considered to be the tomb of Pharaoh Djoser, who for long remained with the titles mysterious and mysterious for Egyptology. In encyclopedias, the dates of his reign are conditional, called only XVII century BC. In many history textbooks, he is referred to the legendary kings of Egypt.

Miracles and adventures with the first step pyramid began with the attempts of the German military engineer Minutoli to penetrate into its bowels. For a year he could not find the entrance. In 1821, he struck an incline in a stone mass and immediately stumbled upon a vaulted gallery, and then on a system of complex corridors and passages. The sarcophagus was at the bottom of a deep pit. It was opened, but it was empty. The Germans were discouraged. Continue reading “Secrets of the pyramid of Djoser”

Greek pyramid- the sensation of the day

 pyramidGreek pyramids have been the focus of historians and archaeologists in the mid-nineties of the XX century. But barely begun their studies, as a number of scientists hastened to declare their prototypes Egyptian buildings. Academy of Athens and the University of Edinburgh have even stated that the general idea of the pyramids came to Egypt from Greece.

Pyramid Hellenic though cordoned off the fence, but its gates wide open always disclosed, and any security given. So that those who wish to meet her close always have the opportunity to go to her and even get inside, because, unlike the Egyptian pyramids, it is hollow. Continue reading “Greek pyramid- the sensation of the day”

Old tomb(3300 year) of the pyramid at the entrance found in Egypt

old tombArchaeologists have unearthed in the ancient cemetery at Abydos tomb. Its age is approximately 3300 years old, and over the entrance to her once supposedly towered seven-meter pyramid.

In one of the vaulted burial chambers team of researchers has discovered the sarcophagus of sandstone, painted red. It was created for a scribe named Horemheb. On the sarcophagus preserved images of several Egyptian gods and hieroglyphic inscriptions with spells from the Book of the Dead, helping to move the deceased in the afterlife. Continue reading “Old tomb(3300 year) of the pyramid at the entrance found in Egypt”

The pyramid of Egyptian pharaoh mummy found alien

mummy alienIn the backroom of the pyramid of Pharaoh mummy found alien. There is conjecture that she is not alone. The small body of an alien with big eyes was found in a secret room near the room where the body was placed Egyptian pharaoh pyramid tomb!

Perfectly potted by careful mummification foreign body was found in one of the Egyptian pyramids in the vicinity of the tomb of Senusret II. Information about finding a mummy appeared in public a few days ago, and there is subjective evidence that we have found and other bodies. Continue reading “The pyramid of Egyptian pharaoh mummy found alien”

Pyramid of the XXI century

Pyramid houseMexican designer Juan Carlos Ramos created the design of the house as a pyramid. The reason – to show how simple arithmetical shapes can be used in the design of housing buildings. The idea of the project is inspired by the landscapes and lakes Sirauen Los Asufres in my native Mexico.

It is very humid, rainy and wooded area. My first consideration was to create a project of the cottage, but then I found out that in the history of architecture, there is a kind of crack that the pyramids were built only for ceremonies, but not for life. Continue reading “Pyramid of the XXI century”

Maritimes pyramid

pyramidTourists and the residents of the Maritime Territory involved not only by historical buildings, unique animals, but also the ancient reefs, namely mountain brothers and sisters. They look like two pyramids that stand apart from the other mountains. They are similar to the gates, that’s why they are called sacral Golden Gate East.

Residents of the seaside town of Nakhodka consider these natural reefs insignia. Sister Mountain is a favorite destination residents. They note that the Sisters from the top with amazing views of the Sea of Japan and the river valley Guerrilla, which inhabitants of the area known as the pearl of Primorye. Continue reading “Maritimes pyramid”

Germany mountains Shternenfels exposed pyramid

discovered pyramidIn Germany enthusiast are digging a stepped pyramid at Mount Halternecks. A group led by Walter Haug for several years has been excavated stepped pyramid at Mount Sternness.

Excavation continues at the present time. According to Walter Haug, on the site where there are stones of varying quality and processing technologies from the primitive to the sawing and grinding. Found walls, stairs, arches, altar and paintings on stone. Continue reading “Germany mountains Shternenfels exposed pyramid”

Found man-made pyramid

 pyramidAt present, formed a scientific expedition, which explores the mysterious discovery. A group of American and European scientists and researchers in Antarctica have found that in the ice continent are three ancient pyramids.

The researchers believe that these pyramids of artificial origin. Two pyramids are located at a distance of 16 kilometers from the coast, and the third pyramid is located not far from the coastline.

Continue reading “Found man-made pyramid”

Pyramid near Moscow

The Riga highway you can see the strange building that seems to have transferred here from ancient Egypt.  No, your eyes do not deceive you, this is really a pyramid!  The real, not the ancient Egyptian and modern built by Russian engineer Alexander Golod to improve the energy of the surrounding space.

They say the ancient Egyptian pyramids are the strong energy concentrates.  More than a quarter-century ago, the French researcher M. Bovis noticed that the corpses of small animals accidentally caught inside the Great Pyramid of Giza and died there, dry up and turn into a mummy, though the air inside the pyramid is quite humid. Continue reading “Pyramid near Moscow”

Mayan pyramid builders demolished stood for more than two thousand years.

pyramidRoad builders have destroyed one of the largest and most ancient Mayan pyramids in Belize, stood for more than two thousand years.  Scientists shocked by what had happened and called the perpetrators of the barbarians.

Bulldozers and excavators pyramid razed to the ground, doing a production of crushed stone for road construction.  The fact that the ancient structure is destroyed, it became clear at the end of last week.  From the pyramid, as described in the Institute of Archaeology of Belize, there was only a small mound that stood in its center.

  Continue reading “Mayan pyramid builders demolished stood for more than two thousand years.”