Global warming will turn people into pygmies

pygmiesScientists in the U.S. have found that because of global warming 55 million years ago to reduce the size of animals. Now the process of global warming, and eventually people will become dwarfs. Climate affects the size of the body of people.

Pygmies of Africa, the Indians of the Amazon rainforest, the Aborigines of Tasmania, stunted tribes of Burma and other hot areas – a clear confirmation. Where all the time wet and hot, human growth may slow down. Continue reading “Global warming will turn people into pygmies”

Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the Pygmies

The University of Pennsylvania under the leadership of geneticist-anthropologist Sarah Tishkoff, revealed DNA regions associated with both the growth of pygmies, and the activity of their immune system.
Tishkov and colleagues scanned the complete genomes of 70 people from three groups of Pygmy hunters in Cameroon. The increase in male Pygmy does not exceed 1 m 52 cm For comparison, the scientists also analyzed the genomic sequences of 60 people from neighboring ethnic groups with the Bantu. Bantu – farmers, tall and slender, are entering into marriage with the pygmies. Continue reading “Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the Pygmies”