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Ancient pterodactyl were found in China

pterodactylRemains of ancient pterodactyl were discovered by paleontologists in China. Age scientists discovered fossils of 163 million years. A new kind of got the name Kryptodrakon progenitor . Pterodactyl had a wingspan of 1.4 meters, according to National Geographic.

First Kryptodrakon paleontologists have found the remains in 2001 in north-west China, but then researchers wrongly identified, considering that before them theropod bones. Clarity has made a new discovery, made a few years later. Read the rest of this entry »

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The giant pterodactyl from Romania

giant pterodactyl Jointly by Romanian scientists from the University of Bucharest and the American from the American Museum of Natural History were found the remains of the largest of the flying lizards. The wingspan of a pterodactyl was found 16m.


The find was made in the Village of Sebes Alba County. According to preliminary estimates of paleontologists, this kind of pterodactyls soaring above the Earth about 70 million years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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