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Scientists use radiation to study psychic

Leos Scientific utilizing radiation Para studies a psittacosis e1353811123941 Leos Scientific utilizing energy Para sturdier a Researchers at the Institute of Psychology in San Pauli, Brazil, have been carrying out some experiments with some Brazilian psychic mediums hoping to explain scientifically what happens in the brain when you go into a trance, and so presumably answer the problem of whether there are people with the ability to exchange a few words with the dead. Read the rest of this entry »

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Types of psychic dreams

El Subconsciente e1331377878895 125×150 Typos de SunOS Dreams show us that are a world where we can experiment without limits through our subconscious. We can see situations that are coming in our

 Dreams communicate with someone in another time or space, or we may experience situations that may be affecting the world around us. Read the rest of this entry »

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Much has been printed about the psychic abilities we all possess, being a great controversy both for science and for the skeptics. Who has not ever thought of making money by premonitions or visions? But many people wonder: “If there are people with psychic abilities, why not use those power to benefit and make money in casinos, in the stock market or that a human being who has this ability to their advantage would be nurtured in a negative way and incredibly unique gift in order to help others. But beyond that, throughout history and today there are psychics who use their skills to make huge financial gains. Read the rest of this entry »

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White savages with psychic powers

psychic powersThe “scouts” (as they dubbed himself the expedition) were commanders – undersized men dressed in tight-fitting coveralls with a hood. Hood has always been thrust over his head, leaving open only part of the face. These generally silent. They lived not in the camp, where – never found out. “Scouts” in their presence is quiet and humble.

Ribery and his companions were free to move about the camp and go into the building. One of them showed films on the big screen – the rebels and melodramatic serials. Sitting in front of a man 20-30. Spectators were constantly changing
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