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Scientists proved that rebirth exists

rebirthBulletin of Experimental Medicine which releases official Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, published a very varied result of studies at the Institute of Physiology named Anokhin. The article that caused such a mixed reaction among scientists, called “non-contact transmission of information acquired from the deceased to give birth to the subject. An experimental study in rats. ”

First scientists have been standard practice in the pool Morris – a very common experience, when rats were immersed in a pool of muddy water, where is the area that the mouse is blind, and eventually learns the way there, but it’s not as simple as, for example, a person learn and remember your way with Google House View. Read the rest of this entry »

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Astrophysicists have proved the correctness of Einstein’s

The researchers conducted another successful test of general relativity and the cosmological model based on it.

Article scientists appeared in the journal Nature, but its outline is provided in a press release, University of California at Berkeley, whose staff participated in the work.

In the new work has been studied about 70 thousands of galaxies that had been collected during digital sky survey (SDSS). All the studied objects are located at a distance of 3.5 billion light-years from Earth. This information was used to calculate the dimensionless parameter EG, which characterizes the efficiency of processes of gravitational lending, the growth of galactic structures, as well as the formation of clusters on large cosmological scales.
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