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10 Incredibly simple things to protect your internet privacy

Internet PrivacyThe very simplest steps for use INTERNET privacy protection, allowing anyone to snoop through their phone with the greatest of ease, to see whichever messages, photos, and sensitive apps they please.
So this post is for you, guy with no iPad password, and for you, girl who stays signed into Gmail on her boyfriend’s computer, and for you, person walking down the street having a loud conversation on your mobile phone about your recent doctor’s diagnosis of that rash thing you have. These are the really, really simple things you should be doing to keep casual intruders from invading your privacy.
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How to protect future generations?

future generationsThe first generation of the world, whose actions have become global and the results of actions which will directly affect future generations. Quality of life in 2050 is directly dependent on our decisions today. Assessing our impact on the future, World Commission on Environment and Development states: “Today we are the resource capital and environmental capital from future generations, without any hope that we will ever give up this duty … We are so acting, because we so we can act, and no we do not prohibit. Future generations have no voice, they have no political or financial influence on us, so they can not call into question our decisions. ” Read the rest of this entry »

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