Scientists have discovered a new property of milk

milk property Scientists have proved that this drink invigorates. Protein foods, in particular milk, is most effective to restore functionality. Weight gain and insomnia may be caused by insufficient production in the hypothalamus of the human brain special mediator Рorexin.

This material was synthesized by special cells. Orexin stimulates wakefulness and energy balance of the body support.

The researchers have shown that the sugar blocks the production of this component, so after eating a person often appears sleepy. Continue reading “Scientists have discovered a new property of milk”

The birth of personal property

personal, propertyLong ago six thousand years ago, the plain of Mesopotamia was the country impassable, overgrown with reed marshes. During the flood of two great rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates, completely filled this valley, and over the water were a crown of high trees. Mesopotamia was uninhabited – there could not live people, and only at the edges of the valley in the foothills, small villages huddled first farmers.

On the banks of creeks farmers grew rye and wheat, and on the slopes of grazed sheep and goats. Four or five thousand years over the foothills of the Golden Age of the sun was shining, and the plowman worked peacefully in their field to the singing of a lark. But in the end, it’s time to adversity farming villages proliferated, and the fields are no longer able to feed the peasants began feuds over land, and the losers were forced to go aimlessly on the marshy plain. Continue reading “The birth of personal property”