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Well Kola sinister project

In the 70s the Interdepartmental systematic Council for the Study of Earth and Nedra PPGN state company undertook an ambitious mission: digging the hole deeper  Earth. Reached nearly 13 of venture.

¬†In 1962, the USSR determined to carry out a major scientific project of study and exploration of the earth’s crust. The purpose of this project was to investigate the lithosphere where discontinuity approaches the surface of the earth. Mohorovicic discontinuity is a transition zone between the crust and mantle. Appears at an average depth of about 35 kilometers and can be found at supplementary than 65 km deep in the continents and about 10 kilometers in the oceans. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Gate Project Phenomenon

phenomenaStudy and analyze some electromagnetic phenomena that trap in the ocean, at certain key points of the globe. According to the witness’ evidence of the scientific group, when they were shipped to about 15 miles from the San Francisco Bay in California, they measured a magnetic activity as about 15 meters from their boat. Then a thin layer of fog and low formed at least one meter of water surface, and she made ready as a rectangular platform. Then gradually it spread and assumed an ovoid shape. Then the strange structure began to rotate clockwise, until it takes the appearance of a spiral from the center of energy.
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Biological warfare and its evolution: the HIV project

The history of biological warfare (BW) can be divided into three parts ancient history, modern history and what we call “this”. Ancient history begins far beyond what we think a priori and lasts until the end of the twentieth century. Just to give an example, the first documented use of biological warfare dates back to Roman times that used animal carcasses to contaminate enemy water supplies. At that time the idea was behind this kind of attack was a weakened enemy is an enemy easy to defeat … Since then and until now have been many changes, and far-reaching. To explain the modern history and present, need to continue this article, it is interesting to focus our attention on the movements of the United States, and their universal impact in the last 50 years especially in politics.
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