10 incredible primitive discoveries made in 2014 year

primitiveSometimes a few unusual finds could easily destroy the established scientific theories, leaving scientists in complete confusion.

In 2014, the year in the field of paleontology was made several surprising discoveries. Some of them have presented new evidence, useful in scientific debate, lasting for years. And some were even able to put the conventional theory on its head.

1. Ancestor of lions, tigers and bears

In January of 2014, a group of paleontologists announced the identification of remains Dormaalocyon latouri, a mammal that lived about 55 million years ago. Scientists have suggested that this may be a mammal ancestor of the current large carnivores, such as tigers, lions and bears. Continue reading “10 incredible primitive discoveries made in 2014 year”

Primitive times

In primitive times, an unusual form of rock fragments gave rise to beliefs about an unusually second, the supernatural power of this finding. Many legends and beliefs associated with stone amulets and even the world of stone. This particularly applies to semi-precious stones, which absorbed all the colors of nature and man have always fascinated the play of color. From the ancient civilizations of India, Mesopotamia, Egypt, gems endowed mystical properties of these were legends and fairy tales. Gradually this instinctive worship stones, their deification is widely implemented in religious ritual lives. Continue reading “Primitive times”