Archaeologists have found a mysterious prehistoric message

prehistoric messageScientists through computed tomography and 3D-modeling could look inside a sealed clay balls, called envelope. Today, all over the world can be found only 150 pristine samples of letters’. Recently, archaeologists have found another one like prehistoric letter in which the messages are hidden. Inside it are tiny figures of various geometric shapes. According to foreign media reports, experts are very interested in the question of how such letters were sealed in a time when people did not own writing. Continue reading “Archaeologists have found a mysterious prehistoric message”

The Prehistoric rhinoceros

 rhinocerosA French expedition engaged in research in the heart of Balochistan – the area on the border between Pakistan and Iran. Aim – to find the bones beludzhiteriya, the largest mammal of all time
This hornless rhinoceros, who lived 30 million years ago, reached a height of five feet at the shoulder, and nine meters in length and weighed 20 tons, which is four times more elephants.
Expedition was organized by the University of Montpellier, Paris Museum of Natural History and the University of Baluchistan in Quetta.
Scientists are searching for the bones of prehistoric monsters in a quarry near the town Draughty. In the last expedition (1999) found a few bones of this animal, based on excavations of a documentary film “Giant of the lost valley”. Continue reading “The Prehistoric rhinoceros”

Prehistoric viruses threaten mankind!

The most famous are the so-called plazmozavry – creatures that represent clusters of plasma. The first encounter with members of the Soviet expedition to get into in 1959 to the South Magnetic Pole.

Antarctica was the last continent, which set foot man. For a long time, researchers thought it was virtually lifeless continent. Only on the ocean, they met the good-natured colony of penguins, a striking resemblance to his habits of people. But it turned out that the continent is inhabited by strange and deadly creatures, a meeting which leads to inevitable death.
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