Disaster in the predictions of Jesus and Isaac Newton

Disaster in the predictions Isaac Newton was very interested in Bible prophecy. He tried to find their meaning and codes to decipher them. According to his calculations, the end of the world may come in 2060 JS Helios, author of The Final Countdown: What was unable to Isaac Newton, believes that this should happen in 2017, not in 2060

Helios outlined his views in May interview with the Brazilian magazine Jornal do Brasil: In one of his calculations he used during the 1290 years, which is mentioned in the 12th chapter of the Book of Daniel. Continue reading “Disaster in the predictions of Jesus and Isaac Newton”

The predictions of fifty years ago

fifty years agoThe predictions of fifty years ago. No intelligent robots, no flying cars, no cities on other planets. Worse, we are no closer to that future single step. Instead we have iPhone, Twitter and Google, but how is it an adequate substitute? However, they are still using the operating system, which appeared in 1969.

More and more people begin to suspect that something is wrong. One gets the impression that technical progress if not stopped, then at least has failed. Continue reading “The predictions of fifty years ago”

Eight predictions for 2013

predictions The ancient times year has been exciting, but many observer predicted trends, in particular, the theatrical events that have not happened. As we approach 2013, it appears that time is speeding up on its own, making the potential for dramatic events more likely. It seems that events have reached a tipping point on multiple fronts, and it’s hard to predict what will happen on the other side.

But let divide the precious stone ball and make some bold predictions for 2013. Continue reading “Eight predictions for 2013”

Predictions of world events in December 2012

eventsBreakthrough of the dam and in the U.S. – in the eastern part of the country.
Breakthrough dam in Japan — the southern part of the country.Damaged vessel in the Sea of Japan — — Far East. European Russia — heavy precipitation, the Caucasus, showers, gathering debris European part of Russia to change the climate from cold to heat, but in winter it becomes a heat loss of heavy snow, all this will affect 4.3 time zone.

By 10 February – warm weather in Europe in Poland and Belarus, Ukraine – Moscow region. To 18 April – in the Volga-Ural Previous falling snow, drifts on the roads. 17iyulya C – heatwave in Europe, and it will last until the end of September, the hot wind will reach Russia, in the European part of Russia – will be hot. — July 22 with heavy showers will fall on Romania – Bulgaria-Turkey – South of Ukraine – Crimea – Caucasus, the greatest threat to mudflows from the mountains.
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