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The protection of the ancient powers

ancient powersDifficulties in the work of researchers lacked. Cholera, malaria, and dust storms. The entire area was engulfed in war. Unruly, wild and untamed tribes were in a state of bloody feudal strife: strife, their feud with irregular forces and the Ottoman Empire. There were constant threats of attacks of nomads, attempts to get to the weapons of the expedition and theft. There were cases of shootings and looting expedition property. Read the rest of this entry »

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White savages with psychic powers

psychic powersThe “scouts” (as they dubbed himself the expedition) were commanders – undersized men dressed in tight-fitting coveralls with a hood. Hood has always been thrust over his head, leaving open only part of the face. These generally silent. They lived not in the camp, where – never found out. “Scouts” in their presence is quiet and humble.

Ribery and his companions were free to move about the camp and go into the building. One of them showed films on the big screen – the rebels and melodramatic serials. Sitting in front of a man 20-30. Spectators were constantly changing
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Super-powers. What are we to interfere?

super,powersA healthy psyche and the brain may develop in a variety of super powers– the paranormal, intelligent, creative and physical. But there are some obstacles to this, otherwise we would live in a society fully developed human beings. These obstacles will be discussed in this article. So what keeps us in the development of super-powers? Let’s start with the fact that doing nothing and not making any effort to develop super-powers – you will never develop at even the simplest phenomenon. So the first reason, which prevents us – an illusion that we are (super powers) give someone without an application on our part of any effort. No course, no technique is not based on idle. And the cunning man who says he will do everything for you. Development and improvement of super-powers – is, first of all work, great work, which requires enormous self-discipline and efficiency.
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