Ancient gods Olympians aliens from other planets

godsThe ancient gods were more advanced races and humanoid creatures from other planets, where people worshiped, not understanding their techniques and methods of its work, as well as, probably, because of the appearance of aliens.

Most races were from other planetary systems, but the race was one of our solar system. According to some reports, it lives on the 12th planet of our system, described more Sumerians 6000 years ago (here – 12ya – including the sun and the moon, in fact – The 10th).
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Astronomers hope to find planets like Earth

EarthAmerican astronomers declare their chances of discovering Earth-like planets outside our solar system have increased dramatically. According to them, to help in this shall be a new discovery.
Experts at Pennsylvania State University recorded an unusually strong radio signals from the cold brown dwarf, which is included in the constellation Leo.
To detect such objects because of the low surface temperature is only possible with the help of telescopes, and their size is often comparable to the major planets. And it was the first time. Now scientists hope that they can detect radiation from other, more dim and cool dwarf stars and even the so-called explants, and put them on a map of the sky.