The most terrible natural phenomena of the planet

natural phenomena September 18, 1938, on the Yamal Peninsula has happened so far not received a scientific explanation of the phenomenon – the peninsula sank deeper darkness. Today we remember the five most feared natural phenomena recorded in the world. The whole month residents of the Indian state of Kerala could experience firsthand the real plagues of Egypt, on which, as we know, all the water in an instant turned to blood. A few weeks Indian land filled bloody rains, resulting in a true horror of all who observed the phenomenon of local residents. Almost at the same time there have been several versions explaining bloody a natural disaster, to the point that some people were looking for it origins in alien activity and visit the land of unidentified flying objects. Continue reading “The most terrible natural phenomena of the planet”

Will fall on heavenly planet Nibiru?

NibiruAncient times afraid heavenly signs that seemed to our ancestors signs of divine forces. Despite the fact that humanity learns more about the cosmos, mania fall heavenly Planida does not disappear.

To reassure interested in space and the future of mankind citizens, NASA has created a special map of all currently known to astronomers of the heavenly bodies, potentially moving toward Earth. Map created a highly respected agency – NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory inPasadena, therefore doubt the outcome is not necessary: Nibiru to us until you fly, you can take a breath.

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New date for the end of the world

 end of the worldScottish scientists judge that the world will end on Earth a billion years. Experts in the study of St. And rews University, said that the death of the planet comes from the fact that the “worn-out” will be hotter than the sun. Moreover, scientists say, the Earth’s atmosphere is too little carbon dioxide.

Because of the increased heat of evaporation and reaction start in rain water, resulting in the death of plants and, consequently, people and animals, suggest experts. “Living on Earth in the distant future will be very different from what we have now. Continue reading “New date for the end of the world”

Found similar to the Earth planet

Same EarthNASA scientists have discovered in the constellation Cygnus the two planets that resemble Earth, the discovery made with the orbiting telescope “Kepler”, the planets similar to Earth in size and, according to experts, is covered by water.

In fact, the planets are located at the junction of the constellations Cygnus and Lyra, so-called world’s oceans, according to a paper published in the journal Science.

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Earth is in danger with death

EarthIn 2182, our planet may face asteroid. Zemle faces a new threat from space. Even if in 2029 the planet will avoid a collision with the asteroid Apophis, it can cut other space wanderer – 1999 RQ36, which in 2182 will approach our planet at extremely close range, said a NASA.

At the moment, most likely related to the potential threat of asteroid 1999 RQ36 in 2182 and a year (when he comes closer to our world), said at the worldwide discussion on the Protection of the dangers of asteroids near Earth objects program manager at NASA Lindley Johnson.

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Scientists have calculated the age of the planet Saturn

PlanetNASA Cassini found the real age of the rings of Saturn. According to the new data, the rings of Saturn for four billion years, which corresponds to the age of the solar system, according to Zman.

Scientists believe that a more detailed analysis of the composition of Saturn’s rings may “shed light” on the formation and evolution of the solar system as well as the matter of Saturn’s rings is identical to the one that was involved in the formation of the other planets.
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The smell of the moon …

moonApollo 17 astronaut Jack Schmitt was the first in the history of a man who suffered an attack of hay fever, is the chapels ground. The attack began quite rapidly – as Jack took off his helmet, after the first walk on the moon, he immediately felt that his nose is stuffed up.

A strange voice astronaut attention in Hstone as he gave the message. It was a reaction to the lunar dust. The same reaction, but to a lesser degree, was with him and after the second and the third exit at the moon. It is quite possible that it has acquired a sort of immunity to the lunar dust. Continue reading “The smell of the moon …”

Why would the aliens our land?

the aliens  The residents of the Ryazan region Ermisch this incredible event has become a sensation. A couple of weeks ago on the field were found two knows how to form the “pit” right cylindrical. Nothing of the sort here he has never seen before.

Gawk at the strange discovery shaft threw the people of the village as well as surrounding villages. From next door summer camp teachers led the kids on the tour. Ermishintsy themselves agree that the mysterious hole in the field – not only as the machinations of representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. The point was, it is said so. Machine-SPK “Hope” mowed clover. Continue reading “Why would the aliens our land?”

Alien beings labeled earthlings?

Alien54-year old resident of Chernihiv region says that he believes in aliens. One would think, well, why not? However, the case is special:- According to the woman, for twenty years, it is alleged in the body of the label derived from the brothers on reason … The most amazing thing is that the episode with Nechayeva not an isolated case, there are more examples.

It was in the fall, sometime in early October – says Love. – My daughter and I arrived at my parents in Radvino. Namayavshis the garden went to bed early. I was awakened by a thick bright light that penetrates the eyelids. Continue reading “Alien beings labeled earthlings?”

Two asteroid flew past Earth

past EarthSped past Earth once two asteroid. (1) – 2013 EC20 – flew a distance of about 130,000 kilometers, (2) – 2013 ET – at a distance of 972 thousand kilometers from Earth. 2013 ET diameter ranges from 45 to 140 meters. In other words, the size of this celestial visitor was a 35-storey building. The object was discovered by American scientists involved in the project to find asteroids, which was named “Catalina”.

The following Saturday, that is, March 16, sweep past our planet asteroid 2013 ET11 49-160 meters in diameter, says “RIA Novosti”. The trajectory of the flight will take place from the Earth at a distance of 15 times on the moon.
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