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The Plagues of Egypt from the standpoint of science

EgyptThe so called exodus of Jews from Egypt described in the Second Book of Moses. It says that one day a group of Jewish nomads – about 70 people in misery on the occasion of a prolonged drought, appealed to the Egyptian Pharaoh to allow their cattle to graze in the delta of the Nile in the meadows of the land of Goshen. Hospitable Pharaoh let them on their land, and out of politeness did not even stipulate the term guests. Say, live as you want.

 Newcomer nomads took advantage of this invitation, so to speak, to the fullest. They remained in the land of Egypt for 430 years. But everything comes to an end. It ended Pharaonic and patience. The next ruler of Egypt, fearing like guests do not hit him in the back in case of attack external enemies, began to harass them.The Jews realized that it was time to leave.

However, Pharaoh and opposed this – he did not smile to people familiar with the orders of the Egyptian state, came out of him, then teamed up with opponents of Pharaoh, and went back again already conquerors. Read the rest of this entry »

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