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Place of Power

swamp Mysterious and the inhabitants of Europe’s largest swamp – the investigation team of the Russian traces. This time, our path lay in the Novgorod region, where there is the biggest in Europe swamp – Rdeysky. However, we are interested not so much the swamp as a monastery, located on a small island in the heart of it.

The monastery was founded in the middle of the XVII century, circa 1666. Its first inhabitants – 12 monks hermits, who considered that the place is ideal for solitude and prayer. Read the rest of this entry »

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Jacob’s well – a place of world secret

Secret worldThis well is situated in the state of Texas. Jacob’s well – large spring, 4 meters in diameter, derived from the most wide underwater cave systems in the state of Texas. Water is so clear that a emotion when you jump jump into the empty space.

Well is about 10 feet deep, but in his day there are continual branches that are not fully understood. Currently in the process of their investigate were killed 8 divers.

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The most famous cave.


Cave – a natural cavity in the upper layer of the earth’s crust, which communicate

Nearly all adventure novels, there are caves, it is an essential attribute of such works. After all, there reigns a mysterious darkness, echoing and false echoes, and the light from the torches and lanterns are not able to fully overcome the darkness. In the caves before the robbers were hiding, they hid their treasures pirates took them through the underground passage that connects a remote location. Folk beliefs also endowed these places of all kinds of evil spirits – from ancient nymphs to Scandinavian trolls. Read the rest of this entry »

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Most Wonders of the USSR

the USSRThe Pacific Ocean to the middle of Europe rose aimed into space enormous antenna and hid in the forests of top secret military bunkers. Through the collapse of the Union of the content of more of these objects are frail heirs could not afford. Yes and no interest in science newly formed young states, and the task was assigned to the defense of the borders of powerful neighbors.

Here are just a few of the thousands of plants hidden in the mountains and forests of secret and not-so objects that characterize all the power of the collapsed empire. But this is only the least valuable, were not in demand in the period of the division of property between the sister republics once.

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Trieste in Italy-World uncovered place

TriesteThis was initially where James Joyce lives, and the place was the first motivation for the Ulysses before he moved to Dublin. Trieste is quite a melting pot of cultures, old European cafes, and seascapes. Its located very close to Slovenia already, and still has the old Europe vibe. Its definitely a place worth visiting if you want to taste as much central European food and experience the charm of Hapsburg.

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Remarkable place Roussanou Monastery

monasteryThe monastery consists of three levels which include the church, cells, guest quarters, reception halls and a display hall.

Truly a remarkable place that has to be seen to be appreciated. Sadly, the new road at the base does detract from the mystery. In the place of heart of central Greece and on the border of the Plain of Thessaly are the Meteora, which literally means the rocks suspended in air. Read the rest of this entry »

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